Banner Gia Moore

“I love sex and in turn feel incredibly sexy all the time” Gia Moore

As a very spiritual and sensual woman, I have discovered one of life’s little secrets that sadly is misunderstood by so many. Experiencing the full scope of sexuality far exceeds the obvious physical satisfaction (which is awesome in itself!). Sexuality is complex and involves a vast array of feelings, attitudes and activities that impact our outlook on life and the way we feel about each other. Even though sexuality is something very personal and can’t be bought from a store, understanding it is key to unlocking true inner happiness. But it’s not that easy for everyone. READ MORE…


Lorena de Leon Lovely Lorena

“I am incredibly comfortable with my sexuality between men and women” Lorena de Leon

I’ve heard that you don’t find passion but that passion finds you and that is so true! Years ago, I wanted to get out of corporate America and do something more exciting and more lucrative. A dear friend who was a provider in Las Vegas at the time introduced me to the world of adult entertainment. That’s how I became a courtesan. It worked for me then and it works for me now. READ MORE…


TS Rachel TS Rachel Smithe

“I am a Domina and courtesan who never stops learning and growing on a spiritual level because that’s what life is all about” TS Rachel

So much has changed in my life since I first wrote for Geisha Diaries back in 2011. New doors have opened and exciting discoveries have graced my life about which I am very excited. READ MORE…


Anthony Asanti, Washington DC GigoloAnthony Asanti, Washington D.C. Gigolo

“Some men work to get pleasure from women. Bringing pleasure to women is my work” Anthony Asanti Washington D.C. Gigolo

I have passion for life and the company of the woman with whom I spend time. Sometimes the chemistry results in a passionate, client love affair; other times fulfillment that comes with friendship and perhaps a deeply sexual experience if that is what it progresses to.  READ MORE