He wanted me to assume his Silk Calendar, as he called it, that listed the names and contact information of every single lady whom he regularly escorted.” Written by Vincent William

Before I became a male companion I was a Special Forces Officer for many years

During that time I was married for five years to the most wonderful woman in the world. We loved and cherished one another deeply and she was an amazing, resilient woman. Unfortunately, she was ill for almost the entire time but it was my honor to care for her. When I was away on assignments or as they say in the trade ‘on a job ‘, I always hired a nurse to stay with her. We were both counting the days until my retirement and had made plans to move to our ancestral home of Italy. But it was not to be. On September 1st, she passed away. Exactly one week after 9/11, I received orders sending me back to the Middle East.

For the next nearly 10 years I was part of a clandestine unit that gathered intelligence in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan

My secondary assignment was to serve as a Unit Translator. For some reason, I’ve always had an excellent ability to learn foreign tongues with ease. Needless to say, when leave was granted I desperately needed it to restore myself mentally as well as physically. I saw no point in returning to the U.S. My wife was gone, we had no children and no other family remained. I decided to go to London and rented a small, lovely apartment near Hyde Park. My first days were spent resting, eating out and taking strolls. Later, I met a dapper gentleman from the adjacent flat and we struck up a friendship. He knew London well and we began to go places together such as The Albert Hall for performances and of course, pubs.

One evening during dinner, he shared with me that he was a ladies companion

He worked throughout London and across the continent. For some reason, I was not the least bit surprised. I was reared by very liberal, uninhibited, free thinking grandparents and grew up in their direct image. Thank heaven. How can one truly experience romance, sensuality, and eroticism by being any other way? The purpose of his revelation was that he was retiring and moving back to his native Canada. He wanted me to take over his Silk Calendar, as he called it, that listed the names and contact information of every single lady whom he regularly escorted. You know ladies and gentlemen, I could say that I had to ponder the implications but no. I took the Silk Calendar right then and there and never looked back.

Vincent, Classic Ladies International Companion was born

From that point forward, my periods of leave changed dramatically. I went from sleeping on the ground in freezing mountain caves to relaxing in luxurious beds in fine hotels in Paris, New York City and Goa, India. A typical evening included a wonderful woman who reached for my manhood during the night causing it to grow large and hard in her soft hands.

I graduated from eating survival pack meals in 100 degree arid, desert weather to dining in fine restaurants in cities the likes of Barcelona. One evening, I was graciously accompanied by a lady who made no attempt to lower her Yves Saint Laurent leather mini-skirt skirt as it rode higher and higher up her thighs revealing her Gerbe silk stocking tops.

She returned from the powder room and handed me her Gold Silk Perla panties symbolizing her expectations of me

And so my lifestyle as a male companion continues from whence it began that evening in a London restaurant. I finally retired from the military, continuing to work from the Silk Calendar across Europe, Asia, the African Continent, London and Hong Kong. I am now based in the U.S, as the destiny of Vincent William continues to unfold.

Written by Geisha Diaries Guest Author, Vincent William, Classic Ladies Companion