“A professional escort copywriter understands that the human connection lies at the heart of a companion’s profession. High quality escort web content articulates a sense of identity, desire and approachability.” Elegant Copywriting and Design


A successful escort has mastered a skill set that combines a deep understanding of sexuality, intimacy, psychology, different cultures and social behaviors. As such, she has honed a talent enabling her to cater to clients that can afford the luxury of her company. An escort content writer crafts a story that gracefully and seductively paints her character as an attainable fantasy just an email away. A sensual saga revealed throughout the pages of her website suggests the total experience of an irresistible, must-have girlfriend in the minds of would-be clients.

Creating a better content experience

The approach of escort content should mirror individual style and personality. With Elegant Copywriting, Consulting and Design DC, the method of writing is warm, sensual, thoughtful, inviting, refined yet simplistic and easy to read. Each and every piece of content is fresh, colorful, descriptive and resounds with that ‘special something’ beheld by each and every courtesan.

Recognizing the importance of SEO content

When an escort requests her content to be optimized for search engines, the copy will seamlessly incorporate appropriate keywords and phrases causing her website to earn higher rankings in the search engines. Content that is refreshed (or rewritten) periodically (say every six months to a year) should be part of any SEO strategy.

Various content mediums helpful to an escort or agency

Escort website content

Behold the almighty introduction and bio pages. Undoubtedly, these are the most popular content pages sought after by companions. Consideration and services pages are equally important and should be well written in a manner that is attractive and inviting. Many escorts expand their content to include Philosophy, About Us or About You pages. When a companion gains more clients as a result of her website content, she will return to her copywriter for additional services.

Escort Ad Copy

Another most commonly requested (and highly necessary) form of escort copywriting is ad copy. Escort advertising content essentially compresses an entire persona into approximately 400-500 words. Given the average reader attention span of less than one minute, the first line of an ad piece should contain a juicy hook that impacts the reader in an arousing way. The content should be concentrated with sentences that intrigue a potential client and cause him to click on the companion’s website link to learn more about her and ultimately book a date.

Blogging for escorts

Escort Blogging is a powerful organic marketing tool for escorts who want to build authority. Consistent blogging opens a window of virtual voyeurism that gives clients a sneak preview into her world.  Over time, companions that blog regularly will build a following of dedicated readers. The client conversion rate is relative to how well an escort writes, how much personality goes into her articles and how effectively she markets her blog. While incorporating SEO content is hugely beneficial, the need to stuff blog articles with excessive keywords and phrases no longer exists. Original, intelligent and engaging blog articles that culminate over time build expertise. This is what the search engines love and can rank an escort website to the first page making it discoverable by more clients. Commissioning an escort blogger is a fantastic way to increase a client base. Consider these categories: erotica, lifestyle and other personalized topics.

Escort newsletters and email correspondence

An escort’s client base should be assessed to determine whether or not her newsletters and email correspondence are best created with discretion or in a style that is NSFW (not safe for work). Tasteful correspondence is always a good idea. On the other hand, some escort newsletters and emails are quite revealing. It all depends upon an escort’s personal style.