Personality is everything!” Written by Capital Punter

During my time as a London Punter, (or, Hobbyist in the States), I have been fortunate enough to meet two stunning American escorts. Sadly, both were here in the UK only temporarily. Though my experience with American companions is limited, I imagine there are plenty of similarities and nuances which characterize the differences between our two wonderful countries. Likewise, we Punters and Hobbyists also come in all shapes and sizes.

My preferences are based upon my own tastes though they may resonate with many a gent regardless of which side of the Pond on which we are situated.

6 things I look for when meeting a new companion


For me is king (or should that be queen?)! I will only see a lady who has a warm and friendly persona, who is genuine and treats me as both an individual and with the same level of respect I exhibit toward her.

Good communication skills

A lady who responds warmly to my initial email with a prompt and courteous reply, showing interest in me as a person, will likely receive a booking.

Genuine nature

I cannot abide by false or self-interested people. An eloquent website which displays a distinct sense of character will peak my interest far greater than a gratuitous site or one that is overtly commercial.

Good reviews

Unless someone is highly recommended to me, I am unlikely to see anyone who does not have a good level of client reviews either on Adult Work or the review site Captain 69.


I generally only consider ladies in areas I know I can reach on a regular basis. There is nothing worse than seeing a wonderful new lady and then not being able to make it back to see her again.


As a general rule, I much prefer to see ladies who work as independents, rather than for agencies. My reason for this is simple: it is far easier to build a long-term relationship with a lady I can deal with directly, as opposed to someone with whom contact is limited through the agency.

I am generally a very accepting, open and trusting person. When I consider seeing a new lady, I will usually go with my gut instinct. If she seems genuine and friendly I will meet her and see how things progress.

6 things I look for in a regular companion


With whom I spend time is my choice. I favor a lady who values me as a regular rather than just another booking.


For who I am and of my individuality.

Regular communication

I may be a bit unusual, I don’t know, but I regard my companions as friends. Therefore, I like to stay in touch by email or text between meetings. I always clear this with the lady first, ensuring that I never abuse her time. I understand that a provider is not obligated to maintain contact, but I prefer to see those who wish to do so.


This is even more important to me than when seeing someone new. I prefer ladies who are natural, friendly and down-to-earth.


I appreciate the importance of discretion in a relationship and I respect these requirements. In return, I will only see a lady who is discreet and demonstrates a mutual degree of trust.


I fully observe the boundaries in a client/companion relationship, which is why I feel honored when a lady is prepared to share something about her real self. This was described well by DC Hobbyist in his article, “How to keep guys coming back for more” in which he talks about a lady who “opens a window into her personality”. Conversely, if I have seen a lady for a while and I am still kept at arm’s length and clearly not trusted, this will serve as the catalyst for ending the relationship.

I simply cannot classify a provider’s cup size above her deeper qualities

It may seem as though I place emphasis on criteria for companions whom I see regularly. This may be correct. I do tend to only see ladies I know well, so I must feel that the relationship is exactly right for me and by default for the lady too, in order to continue long-term.

Some of you may have noticed that I mentioned neither looks nor physical attributes and for a very good reason. I do not have a particular “type”, be it looks, hair color, size or ethnicity. Every woman is so unique. How can I assess that a size 8 is better than a size 12, a size 36 DD better than a 34 B, a blonde better than a brunette, or a lady from one particular ethnicity preferable to another? Personality is everything! I may be vanilla in style but I do enjoy a broad range of preferences.

For this punter, it is all about the complete package.

Written by Capital Punter, Guest Author for Geisha Diaries