“It is legal for a Punter to pay for companionship only.” Written by Capital Punter

1.   Guys who visit companions here in the UK are referred to as Punters

Personally, I dislike the term Punter immensely and much prefer the American epithet. My detestation of the term is because I feel it creates the image of someone who is seedy, or a bit of a spiv: In my opinion, it is a classic case of tarring everyone with the same brush. Whilst I don’t seek to dispute, nor defend, for a minute those who do operate in the lower echelons of the sex industry, I feel it unjustly discriminates against those of us who seek to act as gentlemen and to treat a lady with total deference and appreciation at all times.

2.  Paying for companionship is legal in the UK

I do not seek to paint myself as an expert of the UK system, as my personal blog is based purely on my experiences as a Punter. If I am not an expert of the UK system, I am most certainly not an authority of the US system. I shall highlight a few things which one can or cannot do in the UK and I hope, in doing so, that this may serve to illustrate the differences that exist. While it is illegal to pay for sex in most of the US, the UK law does have a degree of tolerance in certain areas. For example, it is legal for a Punter to pay for companionship only. Whatever follows occurs between two consenting adults. Therefore, escort sites are set up accordingly and the law is conveniently bypassed. That being said, many websites clearly state the services they offer.

3.    Soliciting sex is illegal in the UK 

The standard stereotype of street walkers is where the law normally conflicts with that of sex workers. However, in recent years there has been a quantum shift in opinions by both law makers and law enforcers. Street walkers are viewed more as victims than criminals and are being offered assistance to those who wish to leave, or to lose a dependency whereas the law has come down hard on kerb crawlers, namely the men who trawl red light districts in their cars searching for sex.

4.    Ladies in the sex industry are forced to work in isolation 

Streetwalking is historically recognized as the unsafe end of the spectrum for ladies. Anything aimed at improving ladies’ safety and assisting those with related difficulties must be applauded. Sadly, there is no legal premise for ladies to work together, which has presented the unfortunate consequence of ladies working in isolation with all of the associated risks.

5.   There are no legalised brothels and girls are not permitted to share premises 

This law, however well intended, has had the affect of forcing women to either work alone, or break the law in a desperate effort to protect their personal safety. There are websites which offer support to escorts. Two excellent ones I have recently come across are The Oldest Profession and Escort Buddies.

6.   Relaxation of European borders has lured young girls into sex trafficking 

The spectre of sex trafficking has become a big issue in the UK. The relaxation of border controls across Europe in recent years has left many women vulnerable by having been lured into the sex industry. Measures were taken in late 2009 railing against those who exploit and abuse such victims. Read more about human trafficking here.

7.   In the UK, it is a crime to pay for sex with a trafficked woman and constitutes rape 

And ignorance is no defence in the eyes of the law. So Punters have to be very cautious. Most trafficked girls are coerced into working in brothels which are illegal in the UK. The definition of a brothel is very straightforward: two or more working girls in the same establishment at the same time.

8.   The British Punter just may be considered the consummate gentleman 

As I said at the onset, there are plenty of Punters who behave quite respectfully towards escorts and never seek to take advantage of anyone. The companions I know well all tell me the same; the majority of their clients are respectable gentlemen, from every conceivable background, who act in a responsible manner towards them at all times. In my opinion, the problem with the various forms of sex industry legislation in the UK is that both Punters and escorts have to work in a somewhat clandestine manner, no matter how principled and honourable they are.

9.   All of the companions I know are charming and would credit any social gathering 

I do not personally know any other Punters but I find it sad that we need to be so secretive about our activities. Frequenting the companion industry is still taboo for the majority of society, with prejudices based on total ignorance and a lack of appreciation for the wider issues at hand. In essence, I do not see what is wrong with two consenting adults meeting such a way that everything is conducted in a safe and professional manner. Surely, such meetings are safer than most one night stands! The moral arguments are topics in themselves which I covered in one of earlier blogs, The Moral Maze.

10.  There is a supremely professional stratus of companions who provide a wonderful service and charge a fair fee for their time 

I have always positioned my activities to only visit high-class ladies, who I could be sure were operating independently, without duress and who are not under any substance dependency. My activities have involved hours of research to identify whom I consider to be the best ladies. I have now settled into only visiting a close and select circle of amazing ladies in every sense. Whatever anyone else’s opinion may be, I feel I behave honourably at all times, I am most courteous and I treat my ladies with the highest standard of etiquette.

11.  Where does a Punter locate a companion? 

There are plenty of ads in classified sections of papers, cards in phone booths or notices outside walk-ups in Soho. However, such notifications are not what I consider the safest ways for a Punter to practice, so I have never used any of these methods.

Instead, I initially made use of the plethora of escort agencies existing in London that advertise on the internet. I prefer to use only a few with which I feel very comfortable, both in their approach toward Punters and toward companions. By way of illustration, the ones I have most knowledge of are Bunnies of London and Lilyfields.

For the past two years, my activities have centred around the portal Adultwork where independent ladies can advertise and Punters register and contact them. There is an enormous range of companions on the site. I have met some delightful ladies, some of whom I am most fortunate enough to now regard as close friends with a naughty twist!

12.  Where do Meets take place? 

Punters can meet a companion either in her home, her incall or at an outcall either in his home or in a hotel. Personally, I prefer to meet anywhere but in my own immediate area.

13.  The cost of a Punt 

The cost per hour widely varies. There are some ladies who charge as little as £50 to £60 per hour, whilst there are others who charge over £500. Agencies range from a broad £100-£200 for the first hour to exclusive ones who charge more than £500-£1,000.

14.  Paying for the experience 

Is truly a topic in itself, but I tend to pay between £300 and £500 for two hours, which is my favoured booking length. The quality of experience is exceptional. But I have experienced equally amazing times when I have paid £200 for two hours and awful ones when I have paid £350.

I like to think I treat well every lady I meet and always make a point of pampering my companion and treating her like a cherished date. I do not know if this is the norm, but all I can say is this is my vision of how it should be. As I am the only subject matter I can refer to, all I can add is that I regard myself as a normal, down-to-earth, “average” guy. I have a run-of-the-mill occupation and I seriously doubt anyone would guess as to my secret “hobby”.

Written by Capital Punter, Hobbyist & Guest Author for Geisha Diaries