BDSM Terminology, Part 2

Hello pets! Welcome to the continuation of your education in the kink world. Have you been bad? Let’s hope so.
BDSM Guest Author for Geisha Diaries: Miss Veronica Volt, Pro-Domme at Deviant Domain, L.A.

Full toilet

FT for short. Scat and piss play. Full toilet can either deal with consumption or play with the waste. While urine is […]

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Geisha Diaries is a Breath of Fresh Air

Finally, a website that has the perfect balance of intellect as well as covering issues that are real in the industry minus all the cheesy sex obsessed b.s. that you find on other sites.
Author: Lance, Escort Agency Owner

For ten years I have owned and operated an escort service in a medium size, midwest city. […]

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