14 Things You Don’t Know About British Sex

 “It is legal for a Punter to pay for companionship only.” Written by Capital Punter

1.   Guys who visit companions here in the UK are referred to as Punters

Personally, I dislike the term Punter immensely and much prefer the American epithet. My detestation of the term is because I feel it creates the image of someone who […]

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How I Became a Sugar Daddy

” A lot of young women find having a Sugar Daddy to be an enriching experience.  They get to be free spirits, have their sexual desires quenched and are shown experiences that broaden their horizons” Written by John Doe, Sugar Daddy

I have been asked this question many times.  I was fortunate to become very wealthy at […]

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Have You Been a Bad Boy?

The Pleasures of Corporal Punishment – A person who gets off on pain is abnormal, right? How many times during sex have you been spanked, slapped, grabbed, choked, held down, bitten, or scratched? In answering truthfully, perhaps you will now consider the possibility that pain can be very pleasurable. Mistress Veronica Volt
I have clients who needed to […]

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I Feel Pretty-The Feminization of Men

“I won’t deny it. When I see a man with feminine features – high cheekbones, a thin figure, a trim waistline, flat toned belly, full lips, luscious, long lashes – something in me stirs and I want to ravage that poor boy senseless.” Mistress Veronica Volt

These boys teasing me in their skinny jeans and girlish […]

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My Life as a Sugar Baby

There are some things we don’t decide to do. They just happen. Not that I’m the type who falls victim to circumstance, but I think my situation just evolved to the point where my friend turned Sugar Daddy when he became a white knight, a rescuer, someone always there to solve problems. Victoria Krush

Therein began […]

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Cam Girls: Will You Hate Yourself Later?

“Some of the most common issues I come across involve talent or producers getting into the adult industry without understanding all of the legal and practical implications, and later learning the hard way.  Nothing is black and white in this business, so jumping right in without doing your homework can create huge problems.” Dan Pepper, […]

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