Being the Secret

“For some of these gentlemen, I represent a safe middle ground in which to experiment” Guest Author Jessica Rivers

Ideas are dangerous things. A little errant thought picked up by your unconscious can be worse than a song stuck in your head, and it really doesn’t matter where it comes from. Sometimes, it’s a late night […]

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Posting Mutliple Profiles on Geisha Affair

Part I

“Pick five things & do them daily. You will succeed, guaranteed.”

Five Profiles for the Price of One

Scenario #1
You’re an escort in San Diego living in California. Your roots are planted there along with family, a partner and maybe a son or daughter. San Diego is beautiful and you love it, albeit, a little sleepy on the […]

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The True Story Behind Barebacking

“One of the biggest myths about our entire industry is that we all allow this dangerous practice. People assume we are all nasty, disease infested women and men who allow anyone to do anything” Written by A’

Recently I was approached by a potential client who wanted to schedule a multi-day engagement. Once he had completed […]

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The Beauty of Oral Sex

“You’ve just got to get into the moment.  Whatever does it for you.  Focus on your amazing skill, all the control you have, the sensuality of being the one to give such intense pleasure” Written by Camille Crimson*
I’ve spent nearly half a decade sharing my love of oral sex with the world

But I still find […]

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Smart Confessions of a Savvy Provider

“It is about fusing well-balanced connections while respecting the fluctuating, erotic needs of our clients. It is about targeted marketing, diligent screening and recognizing the right connections.” Written by A’

Recently, I was in the presence of a client and another provider, engaged in a great conversation. Our client’s facial expression changed, the energy in the […]

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