We have seen several escorts and companions withdraw from friends and family over time. Some providers just can’t deal with the fact that they are unable to discuss the ins & outs of the business with their loved ones

In January, 2011, Geisha Diaries enjoyed one of its most popular posts of all time. This article was authored by a group of ladies, myself one of them. Since then, all have gone on to pursue other endeavors, some related to the adult industry. Now, this article has been updated with current information.

1.  Escorts who lack boundaries

Being a provider can be an alienating business, especially if your friends and family are unaware of your profession. Maintaining privacy and keeping your work and personal life separate can be challenging and unnerving.

“Like a drug addict struggling through withdrawals a provider who becomes isolated suddenly finds herself sharing personal information with clients that should be kept private” Executive Luxuries

This is a dangerous predicament. We have all heard stories about the provider stressed out over a former client who showed up at her home, threatening to tell her family, or worse, appeared at her child’s school. Some have had to resort to legal action and restraining orders with fees rising into the thousands. This would not have been a factor had she never revealed her personal life to her client in the first place. Defining a healthy (we said healthy, not perfect) personal life lends to a well-rounded, more emotionally secure person, an intensely appealing disposition to clients.

When you create your persona (your work character) include a background. Create a story that you can add and take away from that gives your working persona more depth but does cross over into your “real” life. I know ladies who enjoy soap operas and use part of a character’s storyline to build their personas. Coaching to develop your business can be extremely helpful in constructing your character and selecting a name (known as nomenclature), your most important task in branding.

“At the end of the day a hobbyist or client does not really care that your son got an ‘A’ on his spelling quiz and nor should he”

He does not want to see the video clip of your puppy in a tutu, and he is not interested in hearing that your boyfriend, husband or girlfriend does not value you as a person. His whole purpose of being there is to focus on his needs.

We advise our clients to use separate cellular phones – one for work and one for personal matters. It is not wise to use your personal cellular or your land line. There’s no reason to ever email a client from your personal email. Email is also a great substitute for taking calls. Executive Luxuries assists our ladies in converting their clients from phone to email. The only time a client is given the providers number is after he’s been screened and has booked an appointment. Executive Luxuries

“Raising rates is a sign of success, not desperation. It always reflects well on you”  Amanda Brooks

2.  Companions who undersell their services

If you are unhappy with the quality of your clientele or teetering on the edge of burnout you probably need to raise your rates. Even a small increase could change your target market or slow down the volume enough so that you can enjoy your life and your work.

Raising your rates could make the difference between working to make money verses enjoying your work as part of a better life.

“The difference in clientele is remarkable when you jump from charging $300/hr to $400/hr” Amanda Brooks

The difference between $300/hr or $400/hr isn’t so remarkable in most cities. Taking your location into consideration is important as well. Will raising your hourly rate be enough to make a difference? Or will you make the leap toward requiring a two- or three-hour minimum? Mathematically, there is no difference between charging $300/hr or $600/2hrs but it will dramatically change your clientele and the overall mood of your appointments.

If you do decide to give yourself a raise, support the increase by refreshing your website and advertisement text. Proofread and edit like a grammar teacher! Investing in new, professional-quality photos will help sell your new rate better than anything else. Amanda Brooks

“A lot of these Women give in too easily to the pressure of showing their faces and risk the threat of long term damage to their private lives, families and friends” Tamara G

attachment-552cfb6de4b08bf9c26c8da43.    Companions who do not show face

Professional models working in the adult entertainment industry are a different breed than what we knew 15 years ago. Many providers go public (show face in photos) because they feel that they will not be successful unless they do so. Many feel that it is expected of them to expose their identities. A large number are impressionable, young women who naively head down the wrong path. Others are newbies moonlighting as escorts to supplement their income.

In 2010, Geisha Diaries covered a scandal in which many escort profiles had been stolen and exploited. Ladies, think twice before you decide to show your face. Taken to the extreme, some courtesans are UTR (underneath the radar). There is a growing trend to resist reviews.

“It is quite possible that your boudoir photos are actually working against you and stifling your escort business”  Meeshee

4.    Outstanding boudoir photos updated every six months

Many women know that they need new photos and yet do not do anything about it. They talk of slow business and lack of quality clientele. Even if you feel that you can’t afford it, set aside earnings every time you work until you have saved up enough money to invest in a professional photo shoot. Make it your mantra to get those new photos.

“The business of many clients increased shortly after they posted their new photos. Good photos just work. It’s that simple” Meeshee

If investing in a new photo shoot is just not in the cards, Do It Yourself Photos is the way to go.

“How do you think self-made, successful entrepreneurs make it? They have to start somewhere. And usually they start from scratch” Meeshee

5. Companions or escorts unwilling to invest in their businesses

“Any small business owner will tell you that you must invest in your business” Executive Luxuries

Even if you started out as a provider with cell phone photos, no website and handling your own bookings do not be afraid to upgrade your advertising & marketing to reflect the level of experience you have worked so hard to achieve.

As a provider, one of the best things you can do to free up your time to focus on yourself, your clients and the bigger picture is to hire a trusted assistant/booking agent to become your ‘lady in waiting’.

An assistant will help maximize your time by working behind the scenes scheduling new appointments while you’re already in one. Most times an assistant will actually start working before your first appointment of the day and finish working well after your last appointment of the evening. She will take care of your marketing & advertising and manage all the research necessary to keep you on top of your game. Not all assistants or booking agents are created equal. Do you homework when hiring an assistant and make sure she comes recommended.

“Maintaining a good website is absolutely one of the largest and most important investments any provider will make during her career. ” VK Designs

Make sure your new website is responsive, easy to navigate and mobile friendly. Make sure that your rates are easy to understand and not confusing and that your contact information is easy to locate. Many ladies create websites that suit their personal taste while forgetting that the website should be built to entice her client. Many details are to be considered when building a website and hiring a webmaster.

Become social-media-friendly. The internet is your medium through which to reach your target market. Know how to use your computer. Get familiar with the rules & guidelines on the various forums and websites on which you advertise. Every provider should be using a smart phone. Maximize its use to juggle your busy schedule from any location.