This article speaks to providers wanting to join a high class, internet escort agencySaucy London Escorts

As the owner of a London escort agency for more than 8 years I have interviewed many providers. They fall into two categories: providers who are new to the scene and those who are already working. Often, the latter have worked in London or elsewhere, either independently or for another escort agency.

In London, there are many different types of escort services

Once you have found an escort agency that appeals to you read the website in detail and study the provider’s profiles. Googling the agency can provide a wealth of valuable information. Inputting the agency website into will rank its popularity. There is usually an application form to complete and email. Be sure to include your ideal contact time and a few photos of yourself. Do not send too many photos as you do not want to tempt the agency to post your pictures on the website before your interview. The next step is to wait for the agency to contact you. It doesn’t hurt to place a follow up call after you have emailed your application form.

Dressing smart and impressive will make a big impact

On the phone it is important you let the agency know your age, location, background and level of escorting experience. Make sure you know the ins and outs of escorting and that the agency owner is aware of the extent of your knowledge and experience. The agency should then ask you for an interview. Once the interview is arranged, it is important to have another good look at the website before you attend the meeting. They should arrange to meet in a public place such as a cafe or bar – someplace where you can sit comfortably and converse easily yet with privacy. Prepare a list of questions to take with you on your interview. An outfit that shows off your figure is advisable so that the agency gets a good idea of your figure type.

In London, your popularity with clients includes not only your looks but also your interaction during bookings

Review your list of questions with the agency owner. Inquire about the commission rate. When the agency owner discusses services with you, explain in detail what you are and are not prepared to do with clients.

Before you attend your interview think about whether or not you are comfortable showing face in your photos on the agency website

If you have a career outside of escorting, it is probably best to make sure the agency knows you want your face hidden or cut off. Either way, it is always a wise decision to have your photos taken by a professional photographer. Displaying amateur photos is a common stumbling block for many escorts who want to join a high class internet escort agency!

Discuss the agency’s clients

Agency owners typically do not meet clients face-to-face but should be able to give you a general profile. They are usually older, ages ranging between 35-55.

Discuss travelling to bookings

Estimate the time it takes to commute from your location to a central London station. It is important the agency owner notates the total time it takes for you to prepare for a booking and then travel to the most common locations.

Does the agency employ a receptionist?

Find out if the agency owner personally handles phone calls and emails or if they have a receptionist.

The agency owner should tell you fairly soon, perhaps even at the interview, whether he or she thinks you would be a suitable addition as an escort. Honesty is definitely the best policy as there is no point wasting anyone’s time. If you are taken on, remember everything that was discussed at the interview. If any details change you need to notify the agency. For example: in the event that you no longer wish to provide certain services.

Communication is very important, just like any other business!

After the initial interview, most communication between you and the agency owner will be by phone or email. Some successful escorts have worked for the same agency for years. It is good to meet for a drink every 5 to 6 months. Maybe sooner after the initial interview if only to discuss how things are going.

Written by Saucy London Escorts, Guest Author for Geisha Diaries