His name was Colt. He was 6’4 and blond with cool, blue eyes. He wore a tight, white t-shirt that attractively revealed the outline of a 6-pack. He walked in with confidence and a swag that turned heads. We had seen each other many times at a local restaurant. There was always eye contact but never an introduction or conversation. I felt a connection of sexual energy from across the room and intuitively felt that one day it would happen. But I didn’t know how much he knew about me. Back then, I didn’t have the confidence to make the first move. Plus, he always had some girl hanging on his every word, so why bother? Someone like him would never be interested in someone like me.

It was getting late and I was about to go home but decided to go to the restroom first. The bathroom was gritty with a dim light that buzzed and flickered on and off. To my surprise, I saw him standing in front of me as I opened the door. A little nervous, I excused myself and turned to exit while he finished his business. He chuckled and told me that he was done and that it was all mine. As he walked past, we barely touched for the first time and lightning bolted in my panties. Suddenly, chills crept over me and I almost lost my breath. The rugged scent and pure power of his body rubbing against mine was almost more than I could handle.

Almost out the door, he stopped. No words were spoken because our eyes did the talking for us. I pushed back and he closed the door. I heard the click as it locked. His body pushed me against the wall and his lips touched mine. He kissed me like I have never been kissed in my life. I could not breath or move. As our eyes locked, his hands held my face as I opened my mouth wider and gave him more room for his tongue to explore. I was so taken away by this moment I lost myself. I was in the middle of a fantasy this wasn’t real. I felt my panties get really tight and very wet.

As his hand moved over my body towards my crotch I went into a panic. Did he know? I tried to speak but he pushed his mouth into mine. I tried to push him away so I could tell him. It was too late. His hand was under my dress and in my panties and he didn’t stop. He saw the fear and confusion in my eyes and whispered, “I like it”. I closed my eyes and allowed him to take control of my body. He  pulled my panties down and touched me. I could have had a orgasm right there in his hand but I held on.  I wanted it to last. I had never felt so close to someone as I did in that moment. It was like he knew my body because he was doing things and making me feel like I have never felt before.

My dress was on the floor and his pants were down to his knees. We were still kissing but now our hands were all over each other. His lips worked their way down to my nipples, cupping my breast in his free hand while stroking me in the other. I was wet & hard and ready to explode. I would get close and he would stop. It was really like he knew my body. He enjoyed teasing me. His hands then moved to either side of my ass and lifted me onto the bathroom sink. He pushed himself between my legs forcing me to spread them open more to allow him to get closer to me. The feeling of his hard body against mine and his big penis was very pleasurable.

He slipped a finger inside of me. His hands were magic but his mouth was unbelievable . He was between my legs licking me while stroking me at the same time. I tried to keep my moans low so no one would hear us. He took me to sexual levels I had never known before. He raised and began to kiss me hard & push his body deeper against mine. The tip of his penis was against my ass and driving me crazy. I was pulsing as he pushed in and pulled out. I could take no more of his teasing so I pushed down on his hard cock and allowed him to enter me. I saw his eyes close as he was all the way inside of me. I felt my body convalescing his hands stroking up and down on my penis & his lips pushed against mine as his penis was going in and out of my ass. I could not take it any longer. I clenched and released myself all over the both of us. I screamed even with his mouth  covering mine. I opened my eyes a couple of seconds later and saw that he was getting close. I laid back, opened my legs and allowed him to go deeper inside me until I felt his body slamming as he tensed up with pleasure and exploded.

We both fell to the floor and lay next to each other soaked in sweat while we kissed. I looked into his eyes and for the first time in my life saw someone who was looking back at me with real feelings rather than confusion or contempt. Was it love? Was it just sexual attraction? It didn’t matter. I felt like a whole person. We cleaned up not saying a word. He looked at me once we were both dressed and handed me his number, telling me that he wanted to do this again. He wanted to take me out on a real date at a real restaurant but most of all wanted to make love to me in a real bed. I felt so fulfilled.

I did call him and we did go on that date and we did have more wild sex adventures. We dated for just under a year.


Written by Guest Author for Geisha Diaries & Transexual, Tasha Jones