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Escort Biographies is a place where companions, courtesans, Tantricas, BDSM folks, Tgirls and escort agencies can post their biographies in the most expressive, candid and artistic manner featuring photos and links to their websites and blogs. All Escort Biographies are edited to perfection for free, compliments of Vertical Kitty.

What is Escort Biographies?

Escort Biographies (EB) presents a marketing opportunity to extend yourself as a business person and human being with the assistance of Meeshee, a professional adult copywriter, content writer and owner of Vertical Kitty. Guidelines for EB are intentionally left open to interpretation. EB offers a FREE approach to marketing void of constricting standards imposed by other forums or advertising boards. All we ask is that you be nice and keep it tasteful. EB presents a blank slate upon which you can reveal your personal or business side in any manner that suits your style. It is a fantastic way to gain exposure to local and worldwide audiences. Here are some ideas to consider for your personal biography:

  • Facets of your personality
  • Your professional specialties (GFE, PSE, Tantra FBSM, BDSM, Bondassage, Transsexual and more)
  • Details of your life
  • Your interests, goals
  • Poignant experiences that have shaped your life
  • What you’re made of
  • Secrets revealed

Escort Biographies is by invitation only

Escort Biographies will expose your story right here through The Geisha Society which is a content-rich website highly recognized by Google and all other search engines. The Geisha Society is known and respected in the worldwide adult industry for revealing thoughts and impulses that many of us have thought about but never dared to express or share. Your biography will be tagged with relevant keywords. You are free to link to your biography on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Digg, Reddit, Google Plus, StumbleUpon and Delicious and on any other social media platform. When a potential client searches on Google for statistics similar to your profile, your biography will appear on the initial pages of Google and very often near the top of the first page.

Expose your human element

Think about the human element by adding personal accents that make you the gorgeous creature that you are! This is the key approach that makes the difference between possible success and certain success.

What Escort Biographies is not


Escort Biographies is not a forum for slamming, criticizing or otherwise defaming others in any way. It is not a place where you can use foul language. It does not include copyright release.

Submit your Escort Biography

  1. Submit your biography (up to 1,200 words, give or take)
  2. Submit up to three of your best photos in horizontal pose (must be high resolution, high quality images that are not vulgar or exploitative)
  3. Submit URLs to your website and/or blog; email address and cellular phone
  4. Subject line of your submission: My Escort Biography

Not a writer? Don’t worry!

Escort Biographies is an affiliate of Vertical Kitty, a professional content writing service that specializes in all aspects of the adult industry, worldwide. Vertical Kitty understands that not everyone is versed in writing, much less writing about themselves. That is why format guidelines for Escort Biographies are relaxed. Some folks need no help at all writing their biographies; others can benefit from assistance editing while others are more comfortable submitting nothing more than a cluster of thoughts that Vertical Kitty will craft into a lovely biography. The most important thing is to convey your ideas and thoughts. Vertical Kitty will then polish your content, add a dash of magic and a lot of class making you shimmer like the star. Never will your thoughts and ideas be skewed or censored. You are then free to tweet, post links to or highlight in your signature handles wherever you go.

Tips for your Escort Biography

  • Pretend like you are writing in a private journal. It makes writing easier and cancels the inner critic.
  • Say what you want to say. Vertical Kitty will polish your words.
  • Be candid. Our readers love to hear about private nothings that no one else knows about you.
  • Link your Escort Biography using your personalized EB banner wherever you like!

Need assistance?

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