The world of adult entertainment is a thriving community that nurtures the unspoken emotional, sensual and psychological needs of people all around the world just like you and me. Companions, Tantricas, hostesses, hobbyists, fetish folks and transgenders are also your neighbors, dentists, parents, attorneys, teachers, church-goers, politicians and CEOs in conventional society. Real life for some and fantasy for others exists just beyond the realm of what the mainstream considers normal.

The brainchild of Geisha Affair International, Geisha Diaries is the spokesperson for this subliminal community that for all of us is actually quite normal. Geisha Diaries defines shape, reinforces voice and embraces camaraderie in an otherwise invisible community that thrives in the demimonde.

Through our years of involvement in the adult community, we have learned the value of what it means to achieve the respect of our piers and friends and maintain integrity in the process. The world can be vicious and unforgiving and we do not have control over that. But we strive to preserve the sanctity in our little corner of the world here at Geisha Diaries. We are a neutral, unbiased forum where everyone is welcome. Consider us one, big, happy family. And if you decide to join us, even better!