One question I’ve been asked a few times is how did I get the idea to create my new book, Confessions of Tamara G?

I have to admit that I had some help from a very lovely lady here in having some amorous adventures of the paid kind

Not that I don’t have some related stories in London that I may tell you at a later date. I’m not sure, they may shock you! But my friend here has passed a few interesting adventures my way when she hasn’t been available to pursue them herself.

One day she called me at my house in Fort Lauderdale and asked if I would like to meet a very attractive couple that evening. I was nervous and excited all at the same time, and said yes. My friend already knows this couple. In fact, she is their ‘regular’ and that was a good introduction for me. I also learned some basic security information about them.

I turned up at their fabulous house in Fort Lauderdale at the appointed time, 8pm. Their white, modernist, dream home is situated at the corner of two waterways – is that how to describe it? Fort Lauderdale has a waterway system here that leads out to the sea, and there are many homes along it, both small and grand.

He opened the frosted, white glass door and I was pleasantly surprised. He was a tanned, muscled man in his 40’s, a very manly looking man, who looked as though he spent a lot of time out in his boat on the sea. When I saw their large yacht moored behind their pool later, I figured he probably did.

I could say a lot about the splendors of their house, but given the nature of this blog I’ll restrain myself on that right now. Suffice to say it is a splendid house, with rich modernistic furnishings and sophisticated wall controls that control just about everything in the house, except you.

‘Jake’ introduced himself, said he’d heard good things from my friend, and handed me my envelope. I opened it and counted it all present and correct. And what a nice amount of money, too!

Jake led me up sleek, wooden stairs, down an art covered hallway and out to a very private terrace that held only a jacuzzi. In the jacuzzi was relaxing a very lovely blonde woman. I could see that her bikini was shocking pink. “This is Amanda,” said Jake. I smiled at Amanda, and I was relieved to see that her smile to me was very genuine. I felt excited and entranced.

Jake poured us both flutes of champagne from the bottle waiting in ice on the bar to the left of the jacuzzi

If I strained on my toes I could just see the tops of yachts outside on the waterway. No one could see in. I took my champagne and glimpsed Jake pouring himself a whiskey, Jack Daniels. Amanda was smiling at me expectantly, and I remembered that I was wearing my sleek black bikini underneath my short black dress as instructed.

“Why don’t you join us in the Jacuzzi, Tamara?” asked Jake, as his hand went to his fly in a very masculine way and he unzipped himself slowly.

I held my breath. He was wearing bright red Speedos

underneath and I loved the swell of his thigh muscles as his shorts slipped to his feet

“Sure,” I mumbled, placing my glass on the side of the jacuzzi before slipping my dress over my head.

As I dropped it to the floor I saw the warmth of approval in their eyes and I wondered which way things would go. Neither had touched me and it would have been forward for me to touch them.

I stepped nimbly into the jacuzzi followed by Jake close behind and knew that the games would soon begin.

With a client it is usually conversation followed by ‘fun’. With Jake and Amanda it wasn’t quite like that. As I basked in the hot jumping bubbles around me, Jake looked at Amanda as if it was a cue for her to move. Smiling at me in a foxy way, her large pink lips delicious-looking, she lifted herself to sit on the edge of the jacuzzi and I took in the curves of her gorgeous body.

She had very full breasts. Okay, they were plastic but they still looked good

She had slimmish, browned skin and a generally healthy, fit look. “Do you like what you see?” she asked me.

I put down my glass and figured, what the hell, I was just going to do what I wanted to do. So I slipped over to her side of the jacuzzi and, not answering, ran my fingers over the pink nylon triangles covering her breasts…

Are you longing for the climax?

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Excerpt Written by Tamara G, Guest Author for Geisha Diaries