Earlier this year, we received a critical commentary from a faithful reader of Geisha Diaries, bashing Geisha Affair in the article, “Geisha Affair Blows Away Eros”. We shall refer to this person as ‘Anonymous’.

Anonymous seems disturbed with the notion that someday Geisha Affair (GA) will charge for its services

Unless it is a charitable foundation what business does not charge for its services? Anonymous fails to recognize any way of promoting GA other than by expending considerable amounts of money on paid advertisements even though GA does not currently charge for membership, despite various, parallel marketing avenues available at no cost. Thus, should we contact Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Geisha Diaries and ask them to please make us pay for use of their otherwise, free services?

Anonymous has dismissed our word of mouth strategy because it represents neither an expense nor an exponential method of growth. But then, how to you justify multimillion dollar companies and businesses in general that encourage and appreciate customer referrals?

You, Anonymous, disregard the importance of our participation in message boards and chat forums perhaps because you don’t understand the importance of interacting with your fellow Community

Contrary to your belief, GA takes an avid interest in learning and understanding issues that impact the Community. In doing so, we may be able to present advice, alternatives or better options to make life easier for those amongst us. However, according to you all of our efforts are nullified unless we spend money on every available advertisement means. We could have never hired you as our CEO because your expertise would have already seen the demise of GA with your ignorance about cost benefit.

On the other hand, GA will never surprise its members out of the blue with advertising rates whether in 3 months, one year or 5 years as they have been published since day one on the website. GA features ‘Free Trial Membership’ right along with advertising rates disclosed in full view. See below and go here to view GA rates.


Incidentally, we do have members who already pay for their membership because they choose to contribute to the website. GA has taken part of those earnings to contribute to the fight against Breast Cancer. Is any other company in this industry doing so?

GA has staffed 24/7, paid customer service personnel in 3 continents – Europe, South America and the USA

Submit an email with any concern, question or new profile at 3:00 am in any time meridian and you will be attended. No. This service does not directly leverage traffic to the website but it dramatically increases customer satisfaction which becomes an indelible attribute in the long run. A satisfied member is a happy member who will feel confident to refer new members.

Finally, Anonymous, you are correct. While the aesthetics and charm of the website do not increase traffic they characterize the storefront of the site. Such elegance rightfully portrays our members with class, uniqueness and respect unless you find tacky, pay-per-click sex web cam banners surrounding paid advertiser’s profiles more attractive.

Meeshee of Meeshee Photography, contrary to your belief is not the owner of Geisha Affair

Rather, she is the Senior Marketing Director and GA makes use of her professionalism and expertise to handle our marketing efforts. Her success with Meeshee Photography was granted by her clients. She has earned her reputation and this kind of professionalism ranks high within GA.

Recently, Geisha Affair retained the services of Pepper Law Group (this was not a pro bono retainer) to deal with a dark situation impacting our Community. The case involved another “competitor” stealing provider’s profiles and identities, abusing people’s trust and even ruining their personas. Go here to read about it. With more than 13 years in the market and knowing the ins and outs of the industry,

Where were Eros and other competitors standing on this issue?

Who besides GA has been pro active about this situation? Eros, Backpage, etc. remain mute because they are more concerned about the cha-ching of their cash registers. Through our efforts we have shown the Community that they are not alone. Companions have someone to turn to when their rights have been violated.

I recommend that you pay a visit to Geisha Affair and reach out to any of our worldwide members to see if they have any complaints about GA. Ask them how difficult it is to upload photos, for instance. Have you experienced the hassle of uploading, cutting, trimming, cropping and resizing photos with the competition? That doesn’t happen at GA. Ask any member how long it took for their profile to be approved. For your information, it takes less than ten minutes, not 48-72 hours.

Finally, we don’t yet boast the mass traffic of Eros for one simple and understandable reason: GA is new in the market. Unfortunately, for you our name is buzzing around the world. Otherwise, how do you explain the fact that we have increasing members in Russia, France, Romania, Hungary, Germany, Italy, China, Japan, Singapore, Mexico, Jamaica, Australia, USA and Canada among others? Providers from all walks of life are drawn to GA – female escorts, male escorts, T-girls, True Mistresses & BDSM/Fetish, sugar babies, agencies and massage parlours. Do you think that GA steals profiles or forces members to join?

Freedom of expression is the cornerstone of Geisha Diaries and the backbone of Geisha Affair

Just think about who would publish your negative comments on their own website. Geisha Diaries welcome your thoughts and if they are negative we will challenge you with facts. So thank you very much for participating in Geisha Diaries and feel free to stop by anytime.

Written by Contributing Author, Geisha Affair, International