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The world of adult entertainment is a thriving community that nurtures the unspoken emotional, sensual and psychological needs of people all around the world . Companions, Tantricas, hostesses, hobbyists, fetish folks and transgenders are also your neighbors, dentists, parents, attorneys, teachers, church-goers, politicians and CEOs in conventional society. Real life for some and fantasy for others exists just beyond the realm of what the mainstream considers normal.
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Why City Girls?

City Girls is the safest place for independent escorts. With a FREE 7 Day Trial you can't go wrong! As a professional entertainer, your primary concern should be safety first and foremost. Without safety, what else do you have? With so many particulars to think about that are directly related to entertaining, it can be [...]

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#Black History is a Misnomer

  It is #World History. History is a record of events, issues and personalities. The study of history gives meaning and purpose to our lives. It also serves as a continuation of a civilization's mythology It can be said that African history started at the birth of the universe itself because its various civilizations were organized [...]

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One Couples’ #Black #Gigolo Fantasy

Julius contacted me to fulfill his wife’s fantasy of being with a black man I usually do not make a lot of fanfare about being a black gigolo. I have found that many if not most clients are impartial about a male companion’s race, ethnicity or religious persuasion. However, it does matter to some. This was [...]

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Budgets, Behaviors & Investments for Escorts

Lesson for Companions, a Series: Whether you make a little or a lot, budget is a key factor in personal economics. At any given point, everyone thinks in terms of budget and adult entertainers are no exception As a companion, you have a considerable amount of expenses to maintain on a regular basis if you [...]

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How Google Search Impacts Your Escort Business

This article needs to be updated This article is the first in a series that explores the best practices and options of online marketing for escorts, companions and courtesans. We will demystify such areas as Google, search engine optimization (SEO), search keywords, video marketing, blog posting and online reviews. We welcome our readers to suggest [...]

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Life Safety for Escorts

When we practice safety in the world of adult entertainment, we direct our guard primarily to the act of intimacy itself. However, there are many other safety factors taken for granted or not even considered at all if and until it is too late and tragedy strikes or worse, death or imprisonment. Even a five-star [...]

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Barbados Bailey Talks Breast Cancer Awareness

It wasn’t until the traumatic loss of my mother to cancer that I truly realized how important it is for a woman to have her breasts checked annually. In an effort to convince me to get a mammogram, my doctor told me stories of women who were fortunate to discover lumps in their breasts early [...]

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