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Budgets, Behaviors & Investments for Escorts

Lesson for Companions, a Series: Whether you make a little or a lot, budget is a key factor in personal economics. At any given point, everyone thinks in terms of budget and adult entertainers are no exception
As a companion, you have a considerable amount of expenses to maintain on a regular basis if you plan […]

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Anonymous Critic Bashes Geisha Affair

Earlier this year, we received a critical commentary from a faithful reader of Geisha Diaries, bashing Geisha Affair in the article, “Geisha Affair Blows Away Eros”. We shall refer to this person as ‘Anonymous’.

Anonymous seems disturbed with the notion that someday Geisha Affair (GA) will charge for its services

Unless it is a charitable foundation what […]

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Posting Mutliple Profiles on Geisha Affair

Part I

“Pick five things & do them daily. You will succeed, guaranteed.”

Five Profiles for the Price of One

Scenario #1
You’re an escort in San Diego living in California. Your roots are planted there along with family, a partner and maybe a son or daughter. San Diego is beautiful and you love it, albeit, a little sleepy on the […]

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Making Geisha Affair Work for You

“Most of the worldwide, adult community has been closely observing the growth and success rate of Geisha Affair International since its inception.”

For those of you who are still unfamiliar, Geisha Affair International is a high class, online advertising platform catering to the adult industry on a global scale. Geisha Affair (GA, as it is known) […]

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