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Once a Sex Worker…Always a Sex Worker?

Being a former escort might not be all that difficult IF you keep it a secret. But if you share your past openly and unashamedly like I do, you may not always like what happens.  You might find yourself forced into a box defined by stereotypes and stigma.
You might feel unseen and marginalized.  But perhaps […]

By |May 24th, 2015|Veronica Monet|0 Comments

Can Escorts Find Love?

My fiancé was furious with me when I told him I would not quit escorting. I felt bad about it. I only knew two married escorts at the time and I couldn’t imagine how I was going to pull off marriage and sex for money
Yet, I couldn’t imagine quitting either. I had become engaged to […]

By |May 10th, 2013|Veronica Monet|0 Comments
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