It wasn’t until the traumatic loss of my mother to cancer that I truly realized how important it is for a woman to have her breasts checked annually. In an effort to convince me to get a mammogram, my doctor told me stories of women who were fortunate to discover lumps in their breasts early on and were able to have them removed. In doing so, they avoided a mastectomy! Sadly, my girlfriend discovered a lump in her breast by self-examination and because of the more advanced stage of cancer had to have her breast removed. If she had a mammogram, maybe she could have avoided it. What a devastating ordeal!

Because cancer is prevalent in my family, I must undergo a mammogram twice a year. I used to be inconvenienced taking time out of my schedule to go to the hospital and wait for the procedure. But facing reality of how many women actually have breast cancer, I now feel blessed that I do not have any lumps or signs of cancer in my breasts.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. While most people are aware of the disease, many women forget to take precaution. One in eight women will get cancer in the United States. To me, this is reason enough to create an early detection plan. There are plenty of clinics offering discounted or even free mammograms in honor of the BCAM.

As companions and independent escorts, we must take good care of our health and that means a lot more than just getting a tan or having our nails done. Ladies? Think Pink! Spread the word of awareness to all of your girlfriends, family, clients and hobbyists about National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Tell them to tell their friends. Who knows? You might save a life.

Written by Elite Companion and Guest Author for Geisha Diaries, Bailey Native