City Girls ModelCity Girls is the safest place for independent escorts. With a FREE 7 Day Trial you can’t go wrong!

As a professional entertainer, your primary concern should be safety first and foremost. Without safety, what else do you have? With so many particulars to think about that are directly related to entertaining, it can be overwhelming to focus your energy on thorough screening – the most important part of your business. That’s where City Girls comes in! It doesn’t matter how much money you have made if your next appointment places you in jeopardy. City Girls provides the next best thing to an insurance policy of safety in which our Club members and models are screened for safe and discreet dating. If this fact alone doesn’t rock your boat, consider that even well-established, independent ladies recognize City Girls as the leader is safe dating. But there’s a lot more…

City Girls is a haven of happiness

Organization is key to conducting your business in a stress-free manner allowing you to focus on doing what you do best – entertaining! Check out these very important factors:

  1. Bullet proof screening – know that you are safe
  2. Total organization on every level – forget about mismanagement
  3. Reliability – clients won’t stand you up

High standards attract the best of the best

Why yes, City Girls does speak to ladies with only the highest standards in appearance since our members have an appetite for the best (that’s what we’re known for). Do the following requirements sound like you?

  • Beautiful facial features
  • A fit, fit, fit (did we say fit?) body in maximum condition
  • A show-stopping figure
  • Exceptional hygiene
  • Sparkling personality
  • Eye catching wardrobe

Call Center is the most affordable appointment setting service

When compared to working for an escort agency or hiring a personal assistant, Call Center is the best. Just imagine a group of professionals (operative word here) whose only job is to coordinate your schedule and your screening – all for $50 per appointment. It doesn’t matter how long your appointment is – 1 hour, overnight or anything in between – the fee is flat. Period.

FREE Advertising means FREE exposure

Forget about advertising! It can be very expensive, surpassing even $600 per month for independents. Other forms of marketing require a lot of dedicated time when instead you could be going to the gym. With City Girls, there is no need to wake up early to work on promoting your business. The marketing experts at City Girls focus exclusively on driving quality traffic to the website which means more quality clients for you.

Travel Organizer™ custom application just for you

After three years of development and one year of testing, the most innovative application in the industry is at your fingertips! Travel Organizer allows you to build and organize the most successful, affordable tour you could possibly think if. The Appointment Control feature that works like Siri keeps you on top of your schedule with reminders and other valuable tools. Travel Organizer is a must have!

Tasks of every independent escort

Ask any small business owner and they will tell you that things can get a little hectic when you are on your own. You are reading emails, answering phone calls, screening potential clients, coordinating client meetings, advertising, promoting your business and arranging tours and all travel arrangements. Where’s the time to entertain clients?

City Girls is too good to be true

As a City Girls club member, you get to focus on doing what you do best because we take care of the rest. When you are not entertaining clients, you can work on making yourself even more beautiful. Or, studying, traveling or spending time on your hobbies. Put simply, City Girls is totally addictive. We often hear ladies say to us, “Why didn’t I know about City Girls before? It always looked too good to be true”.

Try City Girls for FREE

Get a 7-day free trial from Call Center when you visit The Geisha Society. When you submit your application to City girls Club, enter the promo code GD7DAY. Upon approval, you can schedule up to a 7-day tour and all Call Center fees will be waived for your first tour. How awesome is that?

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