Lesson for Companions, a Series: Whether you make a little or a lot, budget is a key factor in personal economics. At any given point, everyone thinks in terms of budget and adult entertainers are no exception

As a companion, you have a considerable amount of expenses to maintain on a regular basis if you plan to stay in business. We all know that there are vendors out there who prey on escorts by charging them exorbitant fees that fall just short of extortion. The result? Your hard-earned income is drained. It does not have to be this way.

Below are some of the ongoing expenses that a companion faces

  • Marketing
  • Communication Services
  • Photography
  • Wardrobe
  • Hygiene –hair, complexion and medical procedures
  • Fitness
  • Website maintenance
  • Travel expenses (if you tour)

Putting the spotlight on marketing

Dollars well spent on efficient marketing validate all other expenses. A sizeable portion of your expenses and personal time go toward creatively exposing yourself. Advertising is a major expense because it serves as your lifeline to hobbyists in a saturated industry swimming with beautiful women. Escort malls, advertising platforms, chat forums, blogs and website link backs name a few available portals.

Advertising can be quite costly – $150 – $1,200 per month or more depending upon your ad placement and budget. These staggering figures can easily soar north of $14,000 per year!

The last decade has opened the gates to a competitive market flooded with a surplus of new talent of all types

It is now more challenging than ever for escorts, courtesans and companions to earn a steady living. Seasoned companions in the industry for years have adapted to a new, more innovative standard of business. As an escort, you must think smarter these days, regularly re-invent yourself and churn your marketing efforts. Securing your income pays the bills, supports your lifestyle, children, college tuition and more.

The professional life span of a companion is relatively short

The average, conventional profession can be upwards of 40 years or more. Not so for companions. Most ladies retire in their thirties and forties. Depending on when you got into the industry, that’s not a lot of time to brand and market yourself, feed your family, fund a new business, save for retirement and realize your dreams. In the meantime, Mother Nature takes her course with those lovely little things no woman likes to talk about – age and health issues. As a companion, where does that leave you?

If you have not already, it is time to think about opening an IRA retirement account. Take a look at this potential scenario:

Monthly contribution to your IRA account: $450
Annual accumulation: $5,400
Five-year accumulation: $27,000
These figures do not include interest! Just imagine.

What are your advertisement resources doing for you?

It is time to pay attention to how your advertisement money is spent. When you are spending over and above $6,000 annually, it is critical to assess the power of your dollars.

Let us acknowledge an industry-wide burgeoning opinion

Who is the elephant in the room? Undeniably, it is Eros. They are over-the-top expensive, flat out ignoring the laws of supply and demand. More and more companions consider Eros to be a rip off. As an advertising companion, Tgirl or fetish specialist, you pay no less than $200 per month and most likely more only for your ad to be lost in a sea of participants, hoping and praying that your phone will ring. Some ladies and gents pay an inflated $600 per month or more to advertise on Eros, not to mention agencies whose monthly rates are far more costly. You do the math.

What is Eros doing for you?

Because Eros ignores the law of supply and demand, the number of their advertisers has significantly depleted. Rather, Eros has become a crowded mosaic of ads competing with each other amidst a tangled, confusing network of interlinks and annoying pop-up windows that serve only in their best interest. As a result, potential clients are distracted by these annoyances, ultimately straying from your advertisement.

With Eros, the focus is not on the companion but on how much money they can make off the companion

Where does this fiasco leave you? VIP membership on Eros equals an inflated $500 per month or more shooting a hole in your pocketbook. That is what we call greed and why so many companions choose not to advertise on Eros. Could it be that the elephant is shrinking?

Eros’ new format oddly resembles that of Geisha Affair International

They have even copied many features from Geisha Affair such as the large picture display and video. Recently, they even implemented a blog that falls short of the quality of Geisha Diaries, known worldwide to support the adult industry for more than six years.

On Eros, the more pictures you display the more money you pay

Eros offers additional advertisement profiles that exceed $500 per month or $6,000 per year. It is clear that they implement shark-like tactics that do not favor companions as an exclusive advertising avenue. Eros is polluted with fake dating sites, multiple web cams and other tricky deterrents that lure hobbyist onto other websites and away from your advertisement.

Eros’ advertising companions in Las Vegas alone have dropped from more than 500 to 198

Such a statistic may cause you to wonder where your business stands. Yes, it is all about traffic. However, traffic is a commodity, here today and gone tomorrow. Why do you think this is happening to Eros?

Geisha Affair is sensitive to companions’ budgets by offering reasonable advertising fees

As a partner of Geisha Diaries and Vertical Kitty, Geisha Affair shares the same philosophy that believes in supporting those who work in the adult entertainment industry. Geisha Affair understands how the law of supply and demand works. While Geisha Affair does not yet have the level of traffic that Eros still enjoys, things are changing. What Geisha Affair does offer are all of the features that you as a companion need to promote yourself. Geisha Diaries and Vertical Kitty as partners, automatically contribute to Geisha Affair traffic. Exposure is growing rapidly.

Life is full of peaks and valleys

Which is why managing your income is so important. Just because your bank account is flush with cash today does not mean that it will not be empty tomorrow. What if you face with a personal emergency and cannot work? Suddenly, panic sets in and you begin to rethink where your money is going. You may no longer be able to afford those expensive advertising resources. We must all plan for the future because we do not know what it holds.

Today’s companion is professional and appealing with an affinity for her clients

Competition is fierce in your market. That is why it is so important to build your brand and retain a clientele. To do so, you should present yourself with class and elegance. A client wants to feel comfortable and relaxed with a companion who exudes a sense of familiarity. He seeks to build rapport with her on every level. When such elements exist, one successful engagement will turn into many. Thus, a relationship is built that leads to longer encounters from which many referrals will come.

Consider what you are doing to grow your companion business

As a successful companion, you should adopt a philosophy of constantly renewing yourself in some fashion whether big or small. Define yourself according to the type of client whom you want to attract. Never become complacent with your advertising, images, website, content, looks, physique or wardrobe. Never discount your donations or your self-worth. Doing so will send a negative message that will attract the wrong clientele and thus create problems. Always respect yourself and strive for originality by standing apart from the rest.

Stay tuned for Part II, Lessons and Investments for Companions

We will guide you in how to invest and pick up stocks in the equity stock market, build your own investment portfolio, contribute to your retirement and file for taxes.

Written by Geisha Diaries Guest Author, Geisha Affair International