The Love of a Dominant for Her submissive

“I felt then and still believe that a Dom can only appreciate her sub if she sees the world through her eyes” Guest Author & Dom, Selena

The journey alongside my dymion has been an adventure I never could have predicted and certainly would never change. Our relationship began in an unorthodox and somewhat controversial way. […]

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A Submissive Reveals Himself

“As I became more interested in the scene, it became clear that BDSM was the best way to express my sexuality” Guest Author & submissive, Dymion

Geisha Diaries seeks to de-mystify the proverbial divide between the adult world and what common society considers the conventional world. Most often, the adult world consists of folks seeking to […]

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Mechanics of Cross Dressing

“I’ve come to see cross-dressing as one part of a multifaceted continuum of lingerie fetish” A Slip of a Girl

A true sexual fetish requires the object, in this case lingerie, to be present. But there are plenty who consider themselves lingerie fetishists, even if they can achieve arousal and satisfaction without it. This might be […]

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Have You Been a Bad Boy?

The Pleasures of Corporal Punishment – A person who gets off on pain is abnormal, right? How many times during sex have you been spanked, slapped, grabbed, choked, held down, bitten, or scratched? In answering truthfully, perhaps you will now consider the possibility that pain can be very pleasurable. Mistress Veronica Volt
I have clients who needed to […]

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I Feel Pretty-The Feminization of Men

“I won’t deny it. When I see a man with feminine features – high cheekbones, a thin figure, a trim waistline, flat toned belly, full lips, luscious, long lashes – something in me stirs and I want to ravage that poor boy senseless.” Mistress Veronica Volt

These boys teasing me in their skinny jeans and girlish […]

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BDSM Terminology, Part III


“It is never acceptable to violate a submissive’s trust in any situation. Once this damage is done, it will take a lot to repair the broken bridge.”

BDSM Guest Author for Geisha Diaries: Miss Veronica Volt, Pro-Domme at Deviant Domain, L.A.


Trust is very, VERY important in my profession. Without it, I wouldn’t get any work! The […]

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BDSM Terminology, Part 2

Hello pets! Welcome to the continuation of your education in the kink world. Have you been bad? Let’s hope so.
BDSM Guest Author for Geisha Diaries: Miss Veronica Volt, Pro-Domme at Deviant Domain, L.A.

Full toilet

FT for short. Scat and piss play. Full toilet can either deal with consumption or play with the waste. While urine is […]

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BDSM Terminology

Part I

To a novice, navigating the BDSM lifestyle may seem like entering a rabbit hole of phrases and lingo that can make anyone’s head spin. I know. I’ve been there. Yes, there was a time when even Veronica Volt didn’t know what a “scene” was or what “water sports” meant.


What I describe below is not […]

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Dominance & Control

“The utterly divine worship of the female form superior to the male form in every way”

 Dominance is a mental, emotional and physical state manifested through something as simple as a gesture or soft-spoken word. It is the underlying tone of commanding, assertive and unwavering control.


 There are no questions. There are no niceties and there are […]

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