Love Story of an Escort

It is now October 2011, Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I have been here in Atlanta by Eric’s side caring for Irina for more than a year In my previous military career I became very close with a fellow Special Operations Officer named Eric. He became the brother I never had. We worked a two-man [...]

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The Importance of Self-Expression for Companions

As a companion, overtly defining yourself and expressing your persona will invite positive consequences in your business and a clientele practically tailor made When you make your mark through well-written website content or adult web content that accurately expresses who you are, you are bound to win. Mahatma Gandhi said, “I want freedom for the [...]

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Escort Dating in the Real World

"It seems that regular, non escort women in the dating world don't even bother screening a guy to make sure he is not an ax murderer before heading out to dinner with him" Guest Author Mrs. Robinson Outside of my escort business, I’ve hardly dated much in years. As a single parent, I have dedicated [...]

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Isolation in Sex Work

"Working in the adult industry, especially when you are an independent provider, is an isolated lifestyle disconnected from common culture" Phone Sex Secrets I began escorting at an agency. I went to sit with the other girls on each of my shifts rather than waiting at home for my pager to buzz (yes, it was [...]

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The Entrepreneurial Companion

"Societal standards regarding a woman’s sexual freedom and choice are disturbingly archaic, controlling from a place of fear" Guest Author Edie Vail Common sense has always been one of my strong points. This is the main reason viewing myself as a courtesan, escort, companion, prostitute – whatever the current labels are, has never felt wrong [...]

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From Soldier to Ladies Companion

"He wanted me to assume his Silk Calendar, as he called it, that listed the names and contact information of every single lady whom he regularly escorted." Written by Vincent William Before I became a male companion I was a Special Forces Officer for many years During that time I was married for five years [...]

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The New Age Sugar Daddy

"One happened to Google me, discovered an association as an escort and quickly dropped me. His loss." Written by Texasugah “Regular dating, sugar dating, courtesan, escort, streetwalker…” this was a slippery slope described by a self-proclaimed sugar online. The caveats ‘no pros’ and ‘not seeking an escort’ littered virtually every sugar daddy personal ad through [...]

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My Life as a Sugar Baby

There are some things we don't decide to do. They just happen. Not that I’m the type who falls victim to circumstance, but I think my situation just evolved to the point where my friend turned Sugar Daddy when he became a white knight, a rescuer, someone always there to solve problems. Victoria Krush Therein [...]

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