Lifestyle of a Sugar Baby

"When I was a little girl, my mother instilled in me, "Anytime you are out with a man you should never have to open your pocketbook." I grew up thinking there was nothing unacceptable with what society deemed a Sugar Daddy and what my mother thought men should do, naturally." Butterfly Sugar, Sugar Baby & [...]

The Metrosexual Male Companion

"What distinguishes a metrosexual male companion? We come from all walks of life. Some of us are tall, short, have model looks, hard bodies or the guy-next-door look." Alex S. Logan What we all have in common is the ability to pamper a woman as though the world revolves around her. Every woman possesses something [...]

A Companion’s Biggest Mistake

"When I first got into the business, I let my guard down and made a foolish exception that could have cost my life. When I say I learned the hard way, I mean it" Barbados Bailey He was a 'last minute' appointment during one of my first tours to New York. By phone he disclosed [...]

Rising Above the Tough Times

"Little birds called mentors whispered in my ears asking me to re-vamp my entire business. For years I listened, but in my heart, I wasn’t ready to act."  A` Not too long ago, a new friend asked me out of the blue why my rates were what they were. Another lady who I respect asked [...]

Dating a Companion

"I know that what I do as an occupation does not define who I am as a person, but I wonder how much it shapes the way people perceive me" Tylor Blake Throughout the last five years of working as a companion there were times when I was in a serious relationship, times when I [...]

Words are the Cornerstone of Reality

“Words are not retractable. We create what we say.” Naughty Allure While the economy has beaten down a lot of people there are those who have made a conscious decision to work harder and smarter. Our community is seeing certain providers who are doing extraordinarily well even though this is the era when many are [...]