A Transexual Romance

His name was Colt. He was 6’4 and blond with cool, blue eyes. He wore a tight, white t-shirt that attractively revealed the outline of a 6-pack. He walked in with confidence and a swag that turned heads. We had seen each other many times at a local restaurant. There was always eye contact but […]

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Teatro Erotica

Let the Truth be Told
Q.  What is Teatro Erotica?

A.  Teatro Erotica is just that. Erotic Theater. It is a four-hour evening of Performance erotica where the invitees are audience, partners and performers. Never before attempted in the history of theater, much less successfully produced, Teatro Erotica is a true juxtaposition. Think of TE where the […]

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Adventures with an Amorous Couple

One question I’ve been asked a few times is how did I get the idea to create my new book, Confessions of Tamara G?
I have to admit that I had some help from a very lovely lady here in having some amorous adventures of the paid kind

Not that I don’t have some related stories in […]

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