A Transexual Romance

His name was Colt. He was 6’4 and blond with cool, blue eyes. He wore a tight, white t-shirt that attractively revealed the outline of a 6-pack. He walked in with confidence and a swag that turned heads. We had seen each other many times at a local restaurant. There was always eye contact but […]

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Mechanics of Cross Dressing

“I’ve come to see cross-dressing as one part of a multifaceted continuum of lingerie fetish” A Slip of a Girl

A true sexual fetish requires the object, in this case lingerie, to be present. But there are plenty who consider themselves lingerie fetishists, even if they can achieve arousal and satisfaction without it. This might be […]

By |November 26th, 2011|BDSM/Fetish, Sexual Culture|3 Comments

T Girl Chronicles of a Group Sex Junkie

“So, to do it right, you really need a guy who is so confident that he’ll go face to face with another dude while you’re sandwiched in between, getting fucked senseless.” Guest Author Jessica Rivers

I used to be a jet setting T girl, traveling like a nomad between an endless array of cities, meeting all […]

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Being the Secret

“For some of these gentlemen, I represent a safe middle ground in which to experiment” Guest Author Jessica Rivers

Ideas are dangerous things. A little errant thought picked up by your unconscious can be worse than a song stuck in your head, and it really doesn’t matter where it comes from. Sometimes, it’s a late night […]

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The Beauty of Oral Sex

“You’ve just got to get into the moment.  Whatever does it for you.  Focus on your amazing skill, all the control you have, the sensuality of being the one to give such intense pleasure” Written by Camille Crimson*
I’ve spent nearly half a decade sharing my love of oral sex with the world

But I still find […]

By |June 10th, 2011|Sexual Culture|3 Comments
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