Once a Sex Worker…Always a Sex Worker?

Being a former escort might not be all that difficult IF you keep it a secret. But if you share your past openly and unashamedly like I do, you may not always like what happens.  You might find yourself forced into a box defined by stereotypes and stigma.
You might feel unseen and marginalized.  But perhaps […]

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It is #NotPee

Were you part of the recent Twitter trend #NotPee?
If so, you may also have read headlines such as “Scientists Conclude That Squirting Is Just ‘An Involuntary Emission of Urine'” and “Squirting is Just Pee, Say Scientists.”

As women’s health writer Rebecca Chalker asserts, “The suggestion that women can expel fluid from their genital area as part […]

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Can Escorts Find Love?

My fiancé was furious with me when I told him I would not quit escorting. I felt bad about it. I only knew two married escorts at the time and I couldn’t imagine how I was going to pull off marriage and sex for money
Yet, I couldn’t imagine quitting either. I had become engaged to […]

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