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The cool thing about blogging is that there is not just one correct way to do it. But one of the common threads consistent in every single successful blog is well-written, frequently updated content that is dedicated to the blogger’s chosen subject. Remaining true and consistent to your subject with regular blog updates will get your website ranked higher in the search engines. In the competitive world of online escorting, higher rankings will give you an advantage over the others. First, define your subject. Second, organize your style and approach. Then, you’ll be ready to fill your blog with content!

Understanding the Framework

  • Think of your blog as a filing cabinet
  • Inside your filing cabinet you will have different categories
  • Inside each category you will have articles
  • Your articles should be based upon subject matter that is relevant to your business and that category
  • You are your business

Select categories relevant to your niche

Each category should be broad enough to contain a good number of articles, yet specific enough so that the title provides a good indication of what’s included. You don’t need excessive categories (unless your blog is quite advanced, vast and been around for quite a while). Because your categories will be well thought out, most all of your future articles will fall right easily into one of them, sometimes two (make sure your categories are not too closely related and select only one category). An article is not a category. If you have an article that doesn’t seem to fit into any of your categories, either wrap the subject matter more around one of the categories or carefully consider creating a new category based upon generating more articles on the respective subject. If you really cannot think of an appropriate category, there is a chance that you are straying outside the realm of your brand.

Create an article around which your whole business revolves

Whether or not you are experienced or new at blogging, it is essential that you create a cornerstone article for your blog. This article should be your persona in a proverbial nutshell. In other words, it should comprise the basics of who you are, what you do and what you offer. Readers will finish with a deep understanding of you, what you can do for them and what you’re all about. It doesn’t have to be long. 500 words can just as easily satisfy reader gratification as 1,000 words. Example: if you are a courtesan who provides a true GFE experience and this is what you’ve built your business around, consider writing an erotic GFE story that provides readers with a vision of what it’s like to be with you. Include subtle references to your features and interests written in a way that flows with the story. For more insight on this topic, read “You’re Only as Good as Your Web Content“.

Content for escorts, courtesans and sugarbabies

Consider categories centered around fantasy/dates, tours, hobbies and lifestyle. You’ll want to give each category a creative name unique to your personal style, what appeals to you and your personality. These are just general suggestions but should get you thinking about categories that will provide your readers with a balanced insight into your life. The categories centered around fantasy/dates can be erotic fiction based on truth. That is, scenarios that may or may not have actually occurred, but are based upon your experience and knowledge. If you tour, this category can become highly effective as an additional [free] advertising tool in marketing your impending tours. You can actually take months to blog about planning a tour and all its details, creating anticipation amongst hobbyists and converting them into clients. Hobbies and lifestyle should be based more on truth, embellished or skewed to your comfort level. As a courtesan or sugarbaby, these categories can be especially useful if you seek longer engagements or arrangements. This is because they add an element of realism to your persona, something that a hobbyist or sugardaddy may look for when selecting a compatible partner.

Content for Tgirls

Consider categories centered around tgirl/client relationships, fantasy/porn (if that’s what you’re into) and lifestyle. Just the fact that you have a blog comes with a built in niche if structured correctly. Exploring tgirl relationships under the respective category will call upon all those individuals in the world who may have thought about being with a tgirl but never dared to explore the possibility. Go down the sexual avenue with the fantasy/porn category and create erotic or explicit stories based upon client lifestyles. The lifestyle category will complete your profile by communicating that you are an approachable person, just like anybody else.

Photos, videos and links…oh my!

Hobbyists and men in general are visual! If they want to read a hardcopy book, they’ll do it. Your viewers have intentionally come to your website for some indulgence. Indulge them. Candy coat your words with inserts of your photos throughout your commentary (at least one photo). And if you have a video, even better. I have a saying that even a bad video is better than no video. Viewers get to see you moving, live! As though you were right in front of them. Every escort has a wish list of goodies. Tie an occasional item into your story and link it to the URL where it can be found. You never know when a client might surprise you with a gift!

Content writers and ghost writers have been around for a long time

Frequent posts breathe life into your website, thereby increasing visibility in the search engines. While this article is basic and does not delve into much detail, you still might be thinking, “I’m not a writer and I’m way too busy. How on earth can I write about such topics?” That’s where Vertical Kitty comes in. Content writers and ghost writers have been around for a long time, fulfilling the desires of folks who want to use a literary medium to communicate, but either don’t have the time or ability. That’s our specialty. If you are enthusiastic about turning your blog into a very powerful marketing tool, consider Vertical Kitty as your right hand writer.