1500x500GooglePage copyAs a companion, do you have an extra $1,200 sitting around to pay a top-of-the-line escort photographer to photograph you?

If you answered no, perhaps your business could use a boost. If you answered yes, then you’re doing something right! In either case, there are powerful benefits to including DIY Photos in the image gallery on your website.

DIY Photos was written for escorts on a shoe string budget

Scrape together some of your heard-earned income to spend on a mediocre photographer. Chances are about 50/50 that you’ll get images that you really love. Most likely, you’ll get images that are marginal. At least you’ve got something to showcase in your gallery, right? Are your dollars well spent? When considering that you could produce your own images, probably not. DIY Photos Ebook written by professional photographer Meeshee, shows you in intimate detail how to achieve the images that you need to optimize your features and make yourself look gorgeous.

DIY Photos was written for courtesans seeking versatility

It’s been said a thousand times that men are visual. But they’re also voyeuristic. They like to see things that they’re ‘not supposed to see’. Therein lies the thrill. Clients and hobbyists are always at least a little suspicious of the authenticity of a companion’s images. Given that she was at her physical best, wearing a good amount of makeup and exposed to perfect lighting during her shoot, are the photos in her true likeness? Most certainly, some Photoshop was involved in the production of her images. In some cases, extensive Photoshop creates a look that only resembles a companion’s natural likeness. But when a courtesan features a gallery dedicated to candid escort images of herself, she instills confidence in her viewer and brings him that much closer to becoming a client. You see, do-it-yourself images instill confidence in a man that your pictures are for real.

Photograph yourself with the skill of a professional photographer

It’s not a science. With a little motivation, a decent attention span, a dash of patience and a pinch of tenacity, you can produce images of yourself that rival the work of professional photographers. Sound too good to be true? Find out for yourself what DIY Photos by Meeshee Photography can do for you.