With the electrical current doing all the movement for me, orgasms became nearly effortless” Guest Author, Madame X

You are lying on your back, completely at ease, yet you can’t stop your pulse from quickening sharply as you think of the thrill soon to come. Hovering above you, I feel your excitement as well. My hand strokes your neck gently, a physical reminder to keep calm.

“Relax, baby. Don’t fight the current. I want you to enjoy this”

The control box has several wires leading to two fabric strips around your enthusiastic shaft with two similar round patches at the base. My fingers gently turn the small dial and you feel a warm, rubbing sensation up your most sensitive areas. The dial stops and the rubbing increases to a rapid tingling. My hand on your neck tells me that you’re enjoying this new sensation and are ready for more. I turn the dial up higher, and – Oh My God!

What you’re experiencing is the TENS, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation

Most who are familiar with it know it from non-sexual settings as it’s often used by doctors to treat muscle and nerve injuries by stimulating nerves and consequently the muscles they control. I was first introduced to the TENS in this setting where I learned the basics of enjoying electric flow. I found if I was tense in any way, my muscles would resist the electrical current and I would be uncomfortably jarred. However, if I completely relaxed, the current would pulse through me smoothly, moving my muscles, kneading me and giving me the most thorough, satisfying massage ever. Being that my skin was so pleasantly sensitive after treatment, it wasn’t long before my mind wandered to particular body parts that could use a thorough massage!

With my own TENS in my home, I decided to see what fun I could have with myself and found that it was much more than I imagined. With the electrical current doing all the movement for me, orgasms became nearly effortless! With no conscious control of my own stimulation (until I thought coherently enough to power off the TENS), they were endless as well… incredible. So incredible, in fact, that I was sure I wasn’t the only person having such a fantastic time. I immediately went to the internet to see who else was lucky enough to discover instant orgasms at the turn of a dial.

People have been playing with electricity for well over a hundred years even through eras that were considered extremely sexually repressed

Turns out, a lot of lucky folks! We’ve come a long way since the mechanical masturbation belts of the 1850’s and the Relaxacisors of the 1970’s. As technology advances, so does the wonderful world of Electrosex. We now have electrified plugs, clips,  sheaths, dildos, specially designed electrified versions of all your favorite musical numbers (featuring a variety of wave forms to make your orgasms unique and memorable) and preassembled kits if you’d like to easily electrify a few of your favorite standard sex toys.

While Electrosex is so much fun as a solo activity, it’s a wonderful experience to share as well

I enjoy using my electrically responsive gloves to add a delightfully shocking edge to my usually soft caress, leaving the trail of my touch wonderfully receptive to whatever else may follow. The increased sensitivity that electrical stimulation brings to all erotic activities has definitely been noted and named the Slightest Touch Method, where simply exposing yourself to a gentle electrical current (via the contact cloths of the TENS, under my gloved hands, or a few strategically placed clips) will make the orgasms you knew you’d enjoy amazingly more explosive!

The D’Arsonval, or violet wand, is also a very popular approach that delivers an intriguing visual element to Electrosex

The D’arsonval creates a constant supply of static electricity which collects in a glass tube electrode until the glass makes contact with skin. Depending on the contents of the tube, the glowing sparks can be any color and the sparks visibly fly from the wand, which makes for quite a show! Of course, the electrodes come in every imaginable shape, size, and function and the possibilities are tantalizingly endless. Even though this particular piece of equipment is more commonly associated with a BDSM setting, many consider the tingling pleasure that the D’Arsonval leaves behind is well worth the brief moment of pleasurable pain.

Like all things though, safety first! Electricity has no limits, so be sure to remember yours. If you’re already controlling your natural electrical processes with prosthetics (i.e. you have a pacemaker or similar equipment) then these activities should be off limits and high levels of electricity should never be applied to the chest!

Keep things below the belt…which is probably where you wanted to go anyway, right?

Written by Geisha Diaries Guest Author, Madame X