As a provider, running your own business is quite similar to maintaining a healthy diet & exercise plan. There are certain well known steps to achieving your physical goals. The same steps can be applied toward growing your business

As a companion, what are your goals?

The key to a successful weight-loss plan is to have a goal. Any personal trainer will advise you to target something more specific than just losing weight. The same applies to your provider business. Identifying an incentive will help fuel that goal:

  • seeking financial independence
  • buying a new car
  • going to college
  • going from an independent provider to an agency owner and working behind the scenes
  • earning a healthy income and using the funds to travel the world
  • starting the art/dance studio you’ve always dreamed of

As a independent provider in the adult industry, you are actually an entrepreneur, whether you realize it or not

It’s time to start thinking like one. Any successful, small business owner has not only established goals but visibly identified them in detail. As small children, we all had dreams and aspirations of what we wanted to be when we grew up. Ask any child what they dream of and they’ll spend the next 10 minutes describing those dreams in vivid description. If you are serious about your business, you need to be specific about your goals. Doing so will make your goals attainable, turning your dreams into a reality. But you must write them down on paper.

As a provider and small business owner, constructing a plan in essential

Whenever you set out on a road trip, vacation or even a full day of shopping you always have a plan. Your business is much more important and all the more reason to identify a plan. Ask yourself:

Who is your target market?

Who do you want to meet? Are you looking for the fun, easygoing type? Or are you more interested in the smart and savvy businessman? Are you looking to unleash your inner kink and incorporate girl-on-girl sessions? Profile your clientele and adjust your marketing & advertising plan to appeal to the needs of each segment (i.e., do your photos appeal to bisexual women if girl-on-girl sessions are your thing? Does your bio speak to the self-employed 50-something business man? Are your donations priced too high or too low?)

What are your hours of operation?

Plan when you’re going to work, how early you will begin taking appointments and how late in the day you will take your last client. Consider how many hours a day you will be available and what specific hours you will answer your phone. When scheduling your outcall, pad into your day travel time to and from your hotel. If you are a touring companion who enjoys sightseeing, tack an extra day onto your agenda dedicated solely to personal time. Do not sandwich your personal schedule into your work day. Disaster will result.

Where will you offer your services?

Will you operate from an incall or an outcall? How many daily appointments will you take with breaks inbetween? Will you meet your clients at the door of your hotel suite, in the lobby or perhaps at the bar? Research and stake out in advance the hotel where you’ll be staying: Is it card key access only? How heavy is the foot traffic? Can you meet discreetly with clients while maximizing your time and potential earnings without attracting attention to yourself? Favorably answering all of these critical details spells success.

Recognize when your plan doesnt work

One of the most critical components to any business plan is having the ability to recognize when it’s not yielding results. Many people make no effort to change their plans despite numerous failures. If Weight Watchers didn’t work, you might try Jenny Craig or Atkins. We’ve all tried a myriad of diet plans only to replace one with another when results were fruitless. Why shouldn’t the same logic apply to your business? If your business plan isn’t working, then it’s time to revamp the strategy or create a new one. If you can recognize that your business plan needs to be replaced, you will arrive one step closer to achieving your goals.

Consistency is key

Like any exercise plan consistency pays off. Build into your calendar time set aside daily to assess the needs of your business and recognize any necessary adjustments. Exercising a couple of times a month isn’t going to get you the tone, lean body that you long for. But dedicating a few hours every day of every week will reward you with the physique that you deserve. Treat your business no differently. As a provider, your business doesn’t have to control your life. It is simply a means to an end, a valuable tool of success. Remember that you have invested yourself in this venture in order to achieve the type of financial and personal freedom to which few are privy. With consistency, it can be done.

Maintaining consistency of your business lends to client’s understanding of your boundaries – what’s acceptable and what isn’t. People will try to cross the line only if they believe they can get away with it. Remaining steadfast in your position will solidify your reputation, diminishing the need to have to justify your decisions.

Rest is imperative in any lucrative business

In our humble opinion it’s even more important in the companion world. You need to maintain equilibrium between body, mind and soul and that comes with rest. If you become over fatigued, you’ll eventually grow cynical toward your business. Like your muscles when you exercise, you need to give yourself time to recuperate. A trainer will have you take regular short breaks. The same applies to your business. Don’t over exert yourself working 24/7 for months on end. Exhaustion will adversely impact how you feel about yourself, your clients and your lifestyle whether or not you think you can disguise it.

We suggest taking regular short breaks. In a 6 day work week it’s a good idea to take off one weekday, preferably your slowest day of the week. In doing so, you’ll have more time to take care of things like going to the doctor’s office or visiting your attorney without the pressure of having to cancel or reschedule appointments.

Surround yourself with support

Like any good exercise plan your emotional and mental well being are key. A trainer will advise you to surround yourself with positive people who strive toward similar goals so that you can lean on them and resist cheating with a huge slice of cheesecake. As a provider, the same applies. Life as an escort can be a very lonely career path despite the number of people with whom you interact. Drama prevails not only on the member’s only provider boards but also with clients. You need to have someone in your corner with whom you can relate who understands your professional lifestyle.

Working with an assistant is a great way to balance your work and personal life

Finding someone you can trust to help manage tedious, time consuming, day-to-day communications creates more personal time for you. You can now take time to do regular stuff  like getting your nails done, running neglected errands, attending your kid’s soccer game and meeting your girlfriends for drinks. For those ladies in a relationship, never underestimate a man’s sensitivity to your lack of time. Go out on a date night and focus on your personal love life.

Heeding the steps in this article combined with hiring an assistant you can trust is a guaranteed recipe for a successful provider career. Above all, you can be happy!