Only a few topics inspire so much controversy and downright tension between companions and hobbyists as reviews. Many companions consider them as a necessary evil at best and an embarrassing invasion of privacy at worst. For hobbyists, some ignore escort reviews altogether while others use reviews as essential tools in selecting companions.” Written by DC Hobbyist

As a hobbyist who falls into the latter and finds significant value in escort reviews (I rely almost exclusively on TER reviews) both in reading and writing them, I want to talk about some purely personal observations on why I find escort reviews helpful and how they factor into my decision-making on seeing providers.

Providers who consider themselves business people have no problem with the notion of receiving accurate reviews 

Many companions like to remind clients that escorting is ultimately a business transaction by asking us to respect their time and not overstep their boundaries. I completely agree with those sentiments. However, if that is the case, then companions should not object to honest and accurate consumer reviews. When I am searching for a good restaurant or hotel in a new city I am visiting, I will peruse Yelp and other similar websites to read about customers’ experiences. Why should it be any different when I am considering seeing a companion?

Reviews are invaluable in filtering out scams, bait and switches and other dishonest representations

However, reviews are also helpful in determining if a companion is entirely legitimate. An ideal escort for one gentleman may not be ideal for another. It is sometimes tricky to assess, based purely upon a lady’s website or even speaking by phone in advance, whether we would click in person and whether we enjoy the same things during a session. Browsing an escort’s reviews gives me a real sense of whether she is someone in whom I want to invest my time.

Hobbyists who grade on a curve

Only in the ideal world of escort reviews are the majority of providers graced with model-like looks and above-average performances. It is rare to find a score below 7, whether for looks or performance. But keen hobbyists know this grade inflation exists. Accordingly, some of us won’t see a lady unless she has a 9/9 average, though theoretically receiving such a high score would imply that the she is near perfection. With so many providers receiving high scores (even when they don’t deserve them), it is difficult for hobbyists to identify truly exceptional ladies who deserve their patronage.

Reviewer History Matters

I like to see who her reviewers are especially when a companion only has a few. It’s suspicious when a new escort has only two reviews and both were posted by handles that have no other reviews listed. No thanks. I’ll pass. At the same time, I have gotten to know other hobbyists with whom I share similar taste in providers and place much greater weight on reliability of their reviews rather than on a stranger’s reviews. The same applies if a reviewer of a new escort has reviewed escorts I have already seen. I will check to see if his tastes are similar to mine in reviewing scores we’ve both given to the same escort.

Ladies, if you receive a new review that is less than flattering, don’t freak out

It’s the trend that matters. We men prefer to look at the totality of your reviews. If you have a general average of 9/9s for reviews and your latest review is a 7/8, I’m likely to ignore that as an anomaly. Either you had a rare day off or the reviewer more likely had impossibly high expectations or was a jerk himself, thus affecting your performance. We also place much greater weight on recent reviews than older reviews. Your appearance scores from several years ago are unlikely to matter much. At the same time, if I see a marked improvement in your performance scores in recent months, this tells me you are coming into your own as an escort and is another incentive for me to see you.

Some things are better left unsaid

I am sympathetic to ladies who believe that while a review should convey the general nature, mood, and feel of a date, it shouldn’t include a graphic description of every sexual encounter that occurs. Unfortunately, The Erotic Review often rejects reviews that do not include sufficient graphic details. I have never understood this policy, but find that if one tosses in a few acronyms, you can easily get by the filter. However, there are some things that should always be left out of reviews:

  • an escort’s incall location (anything more specific than a neighborhood is off limits)
  • her real name
  • her real life occupation
  • any other details not pertinent to the review and/or risk compromising her personal privacy and safety

My last two dates were utter duds

Reviews are never fool proof. I know from personal experience. The most recent two ladies I saw had outstanding reviews, all 9/9s, with a few 10/9s tossed in and all submitted by reviewers with multiple reviews to their names. The prose in all of the reviews was glowing, assuring the reader that these women were both gorgeous and provided a passionate GFE experience which is exactly what I desire. Turns out that was not the case for either lady.

So, yes, we hobbyists know and understand that reviews are not the be all and end all. However, I cannot imagine seeing escorts on a regular basis without them.

Written by J, DC Hobbyist & Guest Author for Geisha Diaries