Part I – Getting Started

Let us begin with the basics. Macmillan Dictionary defines an entrepreneur as someone who uses money to start businesses and make business deals.

Below is an excerpt of Wikipedia’s description of entrepreneurialism:
“…Entrepreneurial activities differ substantially depending on the type of organization and creativity involved. Entrepreneurship ranges in scale from solo projects, and even just part-time projects, to major undertakings that create many job opportunities…”
As an escort, provider, companion or courtesan you ARE an entrepreneur even if you consider your work a ‘job’. What you choose to do with your work is another story. You set the limits. I know many companions who run their businesses like any successful conventional business owner. I also know courtesans who start and fund other ventures with the profit from their businesses. When you have the mindset and ability, escorting can be quite lucrative.

Being in the driver’s seat of your own business has advantages and disadvantages

Consider some of the following risks and rewards that are what you make of them:

  • Choose to sleep in any day of the week
  • Become a workaholic and devote your soul seven days a week
  • Work in your nightgown because no one is looking over your shoulder as you arrange appointments on your computer
  • Forget the guaranteed pay checks
  • Determine how much cash you make
  • Decide how to structure and mold your career

Let’s not candy-coat what it means to be your own boss

It is challenging in any industry to run your own show and as an escort it can be physically and mentally taxing. Moreover, maintaining a psychological balance can get tricky in an industry where friends are few.

It is possible that starting an escort business can be turnkey wherein you set up shop today and start making cash tomorrow banking $400 or more an hour. However, a good many providers who are young, inexperienced or careless do not understand how to run a business with which caution and wisdom are paramount. Relying exclusively on their companionship efforts they go broke or worse, get into trouble with LE (law enforcement).

Do you have what it takes?

Over the decades, economic cycles have impacted the adult industry. The escort business has become saturated with younger providers looking to make a quick buck. The landscape of adult entertainment has changed, forcing many ‘seasoned’ companions to change the way they run their businesses. When times get tough, the costly luxury of spending time with a beautiful courtesan is often the first to be eliminated from a hobbyist’s budget. It is a rich man’s sport which is why the companion who thinks long term gears her business toward men with deep pockets.

Some providers starve while other companions bank six figures

Why is that? There is plenty of wealth and financial stability here in the States (and the world for that matter). A good number of those folks seek the company of escorts.

The companion who is successful is constantly adding value to her practice

Your marketing tools are simple:

  • A dynamic website
  • Kick ass photos that authentically look like you
  • Well-written content that accurately depicts your persona
  • Unique and original advertisements
  • A physique that is in optimal shape
  • Social and sensual skills that inspire tip top reviews
  • A sharp wardrobe
  • A marketing and advertising plan

The above assets are not things that you acquire once. If you are a true professional, they should constantly be reviewed, assessed and renewed. Every six months is the standard cycle of change (photos, content and even website design) though many ladies modify their marketing tools even more frequently.

A good many ladies tour while others work exclusively from their incall. Many are dedicated companions while others have two or more professions. It is a matter of personal style and lifestyle. Taking your business to a higher level may eventually necessitate an experienced, reliable assistant.

It is one thing to become an escort and live a glamorous life entertaining successful, interesting clients. It is quite another to manage your business with a strategy that works.

Stay tuned for Part II of Escorts as EntrepreneursTypes of Clients You Want to Attract