Geisha Affair: the Sexy Alternative

We all know Eros to be very expensive. Eros certainly does not favor the provider. The owners nickel and dime us for every extra feature you can possibly fathom. We pay extra for everything – VIP ads, multiple profiles, extra photos, extra features and editing of profiles.  We work so hard for our money and it doesn’t come easy. I truly believe Eros thinks we are all rich and are just out to profit from us! They have no compassion for the fact that economic times are tough for everyone.

As providers from all walks of life we strive to market ourselves on websites that deliver the best results for our money. As an established provider, I have tried them all. I have wasted money on some, profited from others and am still paying crazy prices on one site with which we are all familiar.


Recently, I learned about Geisha Affair. What a breath of fresh air! For so long I, myself and many of my friends only dreamed of an advertising website run by people who actually care about us as individuals. Can you imagine? They’re not just out ‘to get us’, gouging with ridiculous fees just to make a buck. Eros banks – big time – on our hard earned dollars! In fact, I’ve heard that they make millions. You do the math. There are hundreds of thousands of ladies all over the country forking out the dough every month.

When I feel very passionate about something, I want to voice my enthusiasm which is why I wrote this article. Just like me, if you’ve got something to share, GA is listening. If you’ve got a topic you want to talk about, GA is all ears. They truly are the Voice of the Community and I know why.

Find a Companion in Any City

This is what I’ve learned about GA and the folks there who run the show:

GA is a classy, elegant site with tons of features and tools in a user friendly environment that really does blow Eros out of the water. I can honestly say this because I’m not super tech savvy like a lot of people I know. So this is something that I can really appreciate.

GA sports all of the benefits of Eros, only about 100 more. But…there are some very important features that catapult GA as the leaders. GA targets all of the major and minor cities not only in the U.S. but in Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia. If you don’t see your city, just ask and GA will add it for you like, instantly. For me, that’s very important. If I am touring and the only available city in which to place my ad is in a neighboring city my exposure and therefore business can suffer. As an example, it’s frustrating to subscribe to “Orlando-Tampa” when you are in Sarasota or Ft. Myers. And you can easily place multiple profiles under one membership in different cities. If you decide that you’re not going to be in one of the cities you can opt to put them on ‘standby mode’.

Has anyone noticed all the pop up windows that litter the Eros website? And all of those raunchy sex sites that leave you dizzy with headache while you’re trying to view your own profile. In fact, our profiles have to compete with all of those greedy, cheesy sex ads. I thought I was paying for viewers to see my profile. But it seems as though I’m paying for Eros to profit (even more!) from sex web cams, sex friend sites, etc.  I’ve noticed that GA does not believe in distracting viewers with shady sex sites competing with our profiles because they are simply not there. Now that’s what I call class and quality.

And the photos? No need to crop and mess around with sizing and all of that nonsense. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to call Eros to get the sizing right on my pictures. They’re so complicated! Or, I do get it uploaded but it’s tiny and requires a magnifying glass to see. What’s the point in spending all that money for crappy looking photos or spending all of my valuable time doing what should be very easy?

Not the case at GA (heavy sigh). The folks at GA obviously spent a lot of time getting it right. Uploading your photos on GA is so seamless and easy, even my cat could do it. You get 15 – huge, larger-than-life photos plus your avatar and main profile picture. Talk about visuals. Wow!

By the way, you can upload your own video. Oh. And you don’t have to pay extra for this amazing marketing tool. This is too cool! GA has a place for client reviews. And comments are moderated (I asked) which makes me feel safe. Navigation is similar to that of Eros but much, much easier.

In case you haven’t heard, GA has a Free Trial Membership going on right now. But I know for a fact that once advertising fees kick in costs will be a mere fraction of what we all pay on Eros.

What I find quite flattering is that if I ever need anything or have any questions, GA has amazing 24/7 customer service with immediate response and instant profile approval – not 48 hours. They really care and are not just out to rape us with fees. In fact, one of the partners is a well known female photographer.

Though GA is a beautiful and highly functional website, let’s talk about what really matters. After I placed my profile on this hot, new meeting ground, appointments began contacting me from a more upscale clientele. GA is rapidly building traffic and gaining exposure all over the world. The word is spreading like wild fire. The muscle of this website and the strength of its partners are not to be taken lightly, folks.

I am glad I took the time to be a smart provider, did my research and am now a part of the GA family. We’ve all been waiting for folks like these to step up to the plate and become the real Voice of the Community. I recommend joining GA now while you can still get a complimentary profile.

Keri Diamonds, Contributing Author for Geisha Diaries