Finally, a website that has the perfect balance of intellect as well as covering issues that are real in the industry minus all the cheesy sex obsessed b.s. that you find on other sites.

Author: Lance, Escort Agency Owner

For ten years I have owned and operated an escort service in a medium size, midwest city. During this period of time I have struggled to find any legimate site, forum, magazine or newspaper that nails down the real issues for those of us in the industry.

I have seen lots of websites/media outlets come and go as they just weren’t able to establish an identity or target audience. Too many times these online escort forums/websites were raunchy as if all of us in the industry are nymphos or obsessed with sex, raunchy being an understatement. It was almost as if these sites were like fraternity houses where everything had immature, sexual overtones and repulsive humor that became so tiresome.

Geisha Diaries hits on day to day issues that all escorts face in the industry but can’t find anywhere else

Now that I’ve locked in on Geisha diaries, I feel like I’ve made it home. I appreciate the advice that this site offers for escorts as well as the focus on maximizing business in a very competitive market. It is the best website the escort community has seen in the last fifteen years. I refer all of our new and current escorts to Geisha Diaries to get up to speed on current issues such as safety, accepting customer credit cards, etc. This site has it all for the escorts of 2011. Thank you Geisha Diaries!

Lance, escort agency owner, Northern Kentucky, Guest Author for Geisha Diaries