Guest Author Guidelines and Article Submission

After you have reviewed GD guidelines and feel that we are a fit for you, submit your article following the link down below.


In order to preserve the integrity of Geisha Diaries, a guest author must:

  • Be a well known provider or patron
  • Maintain an excellent reputation
  • Present a well-designed website (patrons excluded)
  • Not have a hidden agenda


Diary of an Escort –personal or private experience.

Diary of a Hobbyist – gentlemen, put the reader in your shoes. Open a can of worms & give us some juicy tidbits we’re dying to hear. No reviews, please. We have TER for that.

True BDSM Fetish –BDSM Mistresses or slaves, allow us to bow down to your regal and commanding words – with pleasure.

Bondassage – whether you are an escort, Domina, Domme or Tantrica, this section is for those Bondassage and Elysium by Bondassage licensed practitioners. You know who you are.

Alternative Sexual Cultures – while you may not be an escort, your lifestyle or persona are flavored by a unique sexual orientation and you’d like to share your thoughts or experiences, this is the category for you and you are in good company.

What You Need to Know –informative, educational or beneficial topics. This category is not a platform for a sales pitch. Toot your horn but provide value to the reader.

Erotica – possess the reader with your fantasy. Take it to the edge while maintaining a sense of class.

Porn – tell us your story and tell it like it is, you sexy thing.

Opinion Matters – juicy tidbits from your perspective. Let it rip and give us something to chew on.

Legal-Like Issues – political or economical issues and happenings impacting the escort industry, worldwide. Keep the legal shop talk simple and something that us lay folks can understand. 


Article & Link Exchange – Mandatory. We would like to have the GD link and banner posted on your blog or website. Likewise, your banner will be posted on the GD Links Page. This is great SEO.

Bio –Your bio will be posted on Geisha Diaries on your own dedicated page.

Your Photos – Include 5 professional photos that you feel are suitable for the content of your article. Make sure they are sharp, focused and of high quality. Discreet watermarks are fine but watermarks that sprawl across the image are unacceptable. If you are planning to submit more than one article, you will need a variety of photos. Make sure your photos have your name on the file extension. If they do not, they will sit there in file pergatory, never to be identified. Blurred photos are unacceptable in most cases.

Your Banner – for inclusion on the Links Page. It should be 468×60. Static banners – jpeg format. Animated banners – png or gif format. Be sure to include your website link unless of course, you are submitting code.

Length of article – case by case, usually ranging between 500-1,200 words. Your article must be really rockin’ to exceed 1,200 words because folks nowadays simply don’t have the time to stick around. However, you don’t have to scrimp on quality just to fit it all into 500 words. This is just a general guideline. Follow your gut.

Content Copyright – Publication of your final, written content tells you that it has been copyrighted by Geisha Diaries. GD copyrighted material cannot be published anywhere else in any form whether by spinning, re-wording or anything remotely similar. Feel free to link back to your article from your site or others referencing the GD article as the main source! Not sure how to do that? Just ask. 

Editing – When we receive your entry, it will go in for editing and polishing.  Grammatical and structural changes may be made but the message delivered will not be altered or censored.