The Pleasures of Corporal Punishment – A person who gets off on pain is abnormal, right? How many times during sex have you been spanked, slapped, grabbed, choked, held down, bitten, or scratched? In answering truthfully, perhaps you will now consider the possibility that pain can be very pleasurable. Mistress Veronica Volt

I have clients who needed to be kicked in the balls repeatedly to feel sexually attractive

It’s common in session for there to be at least a little pain. But it’s not as simple as hitting. There’s a difference between good pain and bad pain. The trick is to differentiate between the two and discover how to build up the good pain while avoiding the bad pain. Part of that is achieved through communication. What one finds pleasurable the next may not. Some like pain but can only handle only a bit. Some like a lot but administering too much is a mistake. A dominant needs to be in touch with that energy and channel it in the proper direction. Administering pain needs to be done slowly and patiently. In the process, the body will release endorphins, natural pain killers, that trigger a high, a sense of well being in response to the pain. A professional and experienced dominant will start off at a 1, heeding the signals, and consecutively work up to a 10.

Caning is an activity managed with caution. A heavy duty yet thin stick, sometimes a reed, strikes the submissive, delivering a great sting. Marks are left easily along with the potential to break skin which you don’t want to do unless the client specifically asks. It’s an acquired action. A steady hand striking the fleshy areas such as the ass, thighs and back of the legs yields good results.

Flogging is something I’d like to do more

The tempo can be as sensual as a parfait dessert or as cruel as barbed wire. It’s all in the wrist, technique and practice. A leather flogger repeated in an isolated area will produce a mean pain. Some religious fanatics have been known to self flagellate themselves to the point of bleeding in an effort to become closer to God. As with caning, it’s best to stick to the fleshier parts of the body for maximum results.

Next to spanking, paddling is one of my favorites. They share two things in common:

  • They’re both ass-centric activities
  • They are particularly easy to learn

 There are some who require a spanking to orgasm

Spanking can be either painful or very pleasurable depending on the strength, frequency and isolation of the hit. Unlike spanking, paddling distances the dominant from sharing the pain with the submissive. The sting in the hand normally triggered by spanking is absent, leaving you less empathetic and much more sadistic. Cupping the hand and moving it in an upwards fashion while spanking adds a more pleasant feeling. Belts, whips, cat o’ nine tails and other impact devices all produce similar effects

Always adhere to the guidelines and maintain a philosophy of moderation. Occasionally, someone will goad you into really hurting them. Mind your temper. Otherwise, your play session could end abruptly and the submissive may never want to see you again.

There are certain precautions within corporal punishment that every individual whether practicing or being practiced upon, should know about:

  1. There will be pain
  2. It’s quite possible that you’ll bruise and sustain cuts and welts. It is highly unlikely that anything more extreme will occur but safety should be practiced at all times
  3. Honor your limits. Take what you can handle while building up your resistance
  4. Disinfect your equipment after session. Equipment that has touched bare skin can hold bacteria, sweat and other fluids which shall go unnamed.

Written by Veronica Volt, Mistress at Deviant Domain & Guest Author for Geisha Diaries