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This article is the first in a series that explores the best practices and options of online marketing for escorts, companions and courtesans. We will demystify such areas as Google, search engine optimization (SEO), search keywords, video marketing, blog posting and online reviews.

We welcome our readers to suggest related topics that explore online marketing. We hope that these articles help you make more informed decisions about the options for growing the online presence of your escort business. We will do our best to address them, initiate a productive discussion and share pointers to useful resources.

Google searches and search phrases (keywords)

Keywords are nothing more than the exact search phrases people type into Google searches from which you want your business to be found. This is a very logical starting point because it represents the foundation for any serious online marketing campaign. Regardless of the online marketing paths you choose to pursue, selecting the proper search phrases to connect with your online target audience will be the common thread shared by all of your marketing efforts. This applies whether your favorite marketing weapons are videos, mobile sites, escort directory listings or even social media. If you make poor choices at this stage of marketing or do inadequate research, it affects all of your marketing efforts moving forward. You could be targeting the wrong types of clients or not doing justice to the specific services that you provide.

Decide at the onset the unique value proposition of your service

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Why should a prospective client choose my service over my competitors?
  • What specific services do I specialize in which distinguish my business from my competitors?
  • Are my services related to my physical attributes, ethnic heritage, fetish specialties, geographic areas served?

The variety of escort services queried online and typed into Google searches would boggle your mind. The Google searches that accompany the word “escort” include Asian, BBW, senior, erotic massage, GFE, Latina, blonde, sensual, college, shemales, porn star, transexual and every flavor in between. There is no doubt that such a wide spectrum of sub-niche and micro-niche searches reflects the diversity in preferences.

It takes many streams to make a river

Each sub-niche that identifies you as a relevant fit for your business represents a fishing pole in the ocean of Google online demands. Your mission is to have as many fishing poles in tandem that fulfill the demand in your area and niche.

Objective: the more sub niches and micro niches with which you identify that lead to your online presence the wider the net you are casting to attract new business.

Selection of these search phrases should not be random

The Google searches you select as core keywords for your business should closely fit your services and sub niche. If not, you could either attract the wrong type of client or end up driving plenty of traffic and hits to your website which do not result in many bookings or conversions. Prospective clients landing on your website should find precisely what they are seeking online.

It’s a real eye opener to discover the amount of monthly searches in various cities

Here are some examples from the month of January 2014:

  • 27,100 searches performed for the keyword Houston escorts
  • 27,100 searches performed for the keyword Chicago escorts
  • 12,100 searches performed for the keyword Orlando escorts
  •   9,900 searches performed for the keyword Phoenix escorts

Imagine tapping into, capturing and converting a mere 1% of the online searches in any of the above cities!

Where do I start and what can I do on my own?

How can you discover the volume of monthly search demand for your city and services online? By accessing the free Google tool that will answer these questions. It is called Google Keyword Planner. It is your best resource and guide for researching keywords that represent the best fit for your business and how much monthly search volume is behind each keyword.

Start by creating a free Gmail account and free AdWords account. This will provide all you need to log into the Keyword Planner and begin your research. You can click on the link below to learn more through Google’s own tutorial:

There is also a great selection of videos available on YouTube on the Keyword Planner simply by typing “Keyword Planner” into the YouTube search bar.

Important tips

  • Click the pen symbol on top right of Keyword Ideas section and be sure to turn on option for “Show Adult Ideas”
  • Although Google has not allowed escort paid ads since 2009, the Keyword Planner still shows archived Cost Per Click (CPC) figures next to each keyword. The higher the CPC, the more valuable the keyword is in terms of the conversion rate and the quality of that search traffic.

Stay tuned for more valuable insight on online marketing for escorts!

Written by Geisha Diaries Guest Author, George Rogers, Local Search Consulting