Geisha Diaries caught up with one of our Guest Authors, Butterfly Sugar, who wrote the article, “Lifestyle of a Sugar Baby” back in March, 2011. She is an elegant, well-written and self-professed, chocolate-dipped sugar baby. We asked her to share her insight and knowledge about successfully pursuing the sugar baby lifestyle. Here is her advice:

1. Sugar baby photos and bio 

  • These are the primary features when drawing a sugar daddy to your advertisement, curious to see more of you and know what you are all about.
  • Use your own photos. Do not use someone else’s images. Eventually, you will meet your potential sugar daddy and will have wasted your time and his by falsifying your identity with someone else’s pictures.
  • If you do not want to show face in your photos, crop them from the lips down. This way he can see your pretty smile or sexy pout along with the shape of your body.
  • Your profile should display at least 3 basic looks: the little black dress (or equivalent) to show how nice you look in chic to semi formal attire; a headshot (personality radiates through a smile); a fun, lifestyle shot (such as a swimsuit, playing with your dog or walking along the beach)
  • Photos that depict careless partying or drinking will discount any persona and should be avoided.

2. Structuring your ad

  • Avoid sounding desperate or whining like a down & out country song
  • Don’t use cliche’ words such as spoiled, high maintenance or drama free
  • When describing your looks, create a vivid, detailed picture. Which sounds better? “I have brown skin” or “I have silky, smooth, milk chocolate skin”?
  • should become your best friend. Using repetitive words (i.e., fun, generous, spoiled) gets monotonous. Make a little effort and discover some unique words or phrases to express the same meanings.
  • Explain your objective: you need to pay off your student loans; you would like to start a business, etc.
  • Run everything through a spell check before posting your ad. Simple spelling and grammatical errors can be a turn off to the well appointed gentleman.
  • Refrain from using “adult worker” terminology. It won’t get you very far.

3. Sugar daddy complaints

  • The lady looks nothing like her pictures. Either she is using outdated photos or photos from 20 lbs ago or those of a different person all together.
  • There are a lot of women who feature themselves as mail order brides whose objectives are for the gentleman to pay their way to America.
  • Men do not like to think that the sugar babies they are meeting are escorts. Whether or not they themselves see providers is beside the point. Post different photos than those used for your escort ads or sites as they can be run through Tineye and come back to haunt you.
  • Many ladies are cold, detached and only care about money. Despite how you may feel, you should be amiable, charming, patient and kind. You will truly benefit from these traits.

4. Do your research – learn as much as you can about your potential sugar daddy beforehand

  • Utilize Google or any other search engine by inputting as much information as you can to investigate your potential sugar daddy.
  • Tineye verifies the authenticity of a photo. Some men use pictures from their business websites which is another way of discovering more about them.
  • Pipl is a great source for gathering in depth information
  • Reverse phone number lookup is quite useful in determining the authenticity of your potential sugar daddy and can provide a lot of insight.

5. Watch out for the losers

  • Test Drive Dude – this is the guy who wants to test the goods so that he knows what he is getting into. You are not a car so there is no kicking the tires beforehand. There are a lot of men who prey on the naivete of women, coercing them to have sex on the premise that they will give them something. Another one is the guy who tries to pay per orgasm. Oh yes, ladies, there are those guys out there.
  • Time Waster/Email Buddy – this guy will have plenty of time to email you numerous times a day but magically never have time to meet with you. He wants emotional support that he is not getting elsewhere and utilizes the promise of meeting you to falsely fulfill those needs.
  • Flakes – unfortunately, there are a lot of guys who will chat with you, schedule a date but never show up. Follow your instinct on how serious you think they are and request that they call or email on the day of your date to confirm.
  • Photo Collector – I post only 2 or 3 photos on my profile. I do not post in my private gallery because I find that doing so attracts a lot of perverts who sift through the website looking for ladies with private photos hoping they can see some tits and ass. Those same guys do not plan on speaking or meeting you. I stay away from men who ask to see more photos. Instead, I suggest that we meet in person if they would like to see more.
  • Text Message Phone Sex – this guy push the sexual boundaries before you ever meet. He is yet another guy just looking to get his rocks off.
  • Mr. “Promise you the World” – don’t get hypnotized by a pretty song. If it sounds like bullshit he is feeding you, it is bullshit. Female intuition is key.
  • Setup a brand new individual email for online sugar dating. An email address can be tracked and if you’ve used it for anything personal your information can be leaked.

Written by Butterfly Sugar, Sugar Baby and Guest Author for Geisha Diaries