A professional video, much like professional photos, enhances your brand and adds flavor and class to your persona

In the business of adult entertainment, how you project your image is everything. Video content is created not to sell directly, but to engage intimately. The days of direct in-your-face marketing are dwindling and the era of marketing through storytelling is here to stay.

Envy Jolie in Stood Up from David Allen on Vimeo.

Video is everywhere and chances are you have watched your fair-share online whether on YouTube or on your favorite social media site

Our favorite brands now showcase their products in inventive ways using video in hopes it will go viral. Nearly every website nowadays displays some sort of video media. The escort industry is no different. Powerhouse advertising websites like Geisha Affair International, Eros Guide and City Vibe now include video options. Both recognize that video can be entertaining while self-authenticating which is a win-win for all.

Short videos are aimed to entertain, inspire, evoke and excite

We have been hearing about the impact of integrating video as a powerful marketing tool for a while now.  Visitors become transfixed and spend more time perusing websites and advertisements getting to know ladies. The more comfortable they become, the more likely they will convert to clients.


Pirates Quest for Booty from David Allen on Vimeo.

Unfortunately, only a small percentage of escorts, companions, courtesans and providers are taking advantage of this powerful marketing tool

Most become overwhelmed by perceived difficulties and expenses of creating video content. Not true. It is more affordable and easier to accomplish than one might think. Videographers now have the ability to create beautiful HD (high definition) video content for a fraction of the cost of even half a decade ago. Throw in a microphone and/or an awesome soundtrack, a tripod, and a bit of editing and compelling and entertaining video footage can be created.

The past few generations of smart phones have the capability to shoot stills and video

While I do not recommend you shoot your own video, the capability exists for you to create something fun and flirty.  To produce high quality content that stands out, you must be a storyteller.  You must be able to pull together a large selection of shots and content and pare it down into a manageable short form video that will engage an audience.

Knowing that video can be the key to a prosperous career, the only question that remains is when will you jump in?

Written by Geisha Diaries Guest Author, David Allen, President, Erotic Video Works

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