I won’t deny it. When I see a man with feminine features – high cheekbones, a thin figure, a trim waistline, flat toned belly, full lips, luscious, long lashes – something in me stirs and I want to ravage that poor boy senseless.Mistress Veronica Volt

These boys teasing me in their skinny jeans and girlish good looks are enough to give me the vapors!

Speaking of which, I do like it when a man exhibits other feminine characteristics

When I encounter cross dressers, I can’t help but stare and blush but not out of embarrassment or shame or disgust. All I want to do is flirt with them and take them home with me. A man who dresses up as a woman is not pathetic in my eyes, especially if he does it right. Boys who wear panties (especially the cute, frilly ones) or wear an adorable wig or show a bit of personal style in their clothing are the ones that race my pulse. Boys, boys, boys, you don’t know what you do to me!

In my profession, I get such treats all the time. Making a man wear a slinky nightie or polka dot thigh-highs while he presents himself to me are the highlights of my career, next to wearing a strap on and impaling him with my big cock!

Being fucked in the ass by a gorgeous, dominant female is comparable to fellatio and ménage à trios

Did you know that it is a common fantasy for men? It stimulates the prostate, delivers an alarmingly kinky and sexy visual (especially if you do it in front of a mirror) and gives the woman necessary power over the man. By switching the traditional role reversals, she becomes the masculine and he becomes the feminine.

I will say this to every woman I will ever meet who dares ask me: try it. You must. Once you do, you probably won’t go back to vanilla sex. And even if you do, your thoughts will always stray to the time you fucked that boy’s ass silly! There is something absolutely intoxicating about it.

Perhaps my own bisexuality plays into it

and I feel that I can have the best of both worlds: a man who acts like a woman but has the necessary parts to have fun in any situation I choose. Or, it could be like have my own living doll. Who here hasn’t dressed up Ken in a fun party dress and imagined what it would’ve been like if Barbie just showed him who was boss? I have. Going back to my original train of thought, I find it incredibly sexy when a man desires to become feminine through tampon training (sticking a tampon up his ass as a form of sympathy for the female cycle as well as empathy in order to become closer to the women he imitates), make-up application, cross dressing and slut training.

Feminizing a man can produce therapeutic effects and put him more in touch with a human side that society has deemed taboo. I have yet to meet a man who didn’t worry about how his kink effected other people’s perceptions of him. So when he is with me, dressing up or bending over, he is relinquishing that social stigma and embracing a new freedom by enjoying an act that our culture has forbidden.

The fact is that there’s a little woman in all of us

We start out in the womb as biologically female until hormones are introduced to make that XX into an XY. It’s no wonder that on some level, men respond to this feminine urge like a primal blood call.

Making a man your bitch can be terrible punishment, too

It’s not all about making him happy, though. A man who enjoys his sexual prowess and confidence in his masculinity will immediately lose that if you lock him up in a chastity device and force him to wear silky undergarments. Making him your ultimate maid slave can be an elaborate form of training. His servitude will mean that you are enforcing a “chain of command” by treating him as a submissive female, that you are the Head Bitch and that he is there for your guidance. With you, he can manifest that side of his true feminine self.

Written by Veronica Volt, a Mistress at Deviant Domain & Guest Author for Geisha Diaries