It is safe to say that escorts are made up of a cross-section of personalities and this has more to do with experience than their individual nationalitiesCapital Punter

There is a perception by escorts and punters alike that many Eastern European ladies are cold and mechanical and only in it for the money. I have met many Eastern European ladies and yes, a few have been a bit unpleasant or disinterested. But many have been charming and engaging, some of whom I have become good friends.

It was immediately apparent that the London scene is permeated with escorts from all four corners of the globe

If the reader is familiar with London, he or she will be aware that it is a cultural melting pot, an indigenous hot spot where people from all walks of life co-exist. Before I embarked upon my new hobby, I perused many escort agency websites to familiarize myself with the industry.

The flip side is that I have also met some British ladies who have been the antithesis of a convivial hostess. As with any walk of life, it is safe to say that escorts are made up of a cross-section of personalities and this has more to do with experience than their individual nationality as some stereotyped group.

Having resided in London all my life, I have noticed a big movement in the ethnic mix

particularly in recent years since the expansion of the European Union and the accession of many former Eastern Bloc countries. Ethnic minorities are estimated to soon comprise the majority of citizens in the capital.

Why escort agencies presume that punters cannot distinguish between them is totally beyond me

As a lover of culture and of learning about different people, I was intrigued by the variety of nationalities around, although I do have to admit to an intense frustration when agencies list many ladies only as “Eastern European”. It is a vast area made up of many different and diverse countries, with different languages and cultures.

London does have areas where each ethnic group tends to congregate, such as Chinatown, Edgware Road (Middle Eastern) or Brick Lane (Bangladeshi), but escorts of different nationalities seem to be more spread out. Instead, I have noticed escort hotspots, areas thick with working ladies.

This is only a snapshot, but as you can see, it creates a very wide spectrum of choice for the punter to navigate

I recently published a blog on my own site entitled “London’s United Nations of Escorts” where I surmised there are ladies from around the world working in London. The main nationalities in London are: Russia, the Baltic States (particularly Latvia and Lithuania), Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Thailand, Japan, Korea and sadly, very few from America!

Indeed, there must be something for everyone. Of course, there are some differences between the cultures of ladies from the different regions, which means a gentleman punter can tailor his experience to the type of lady he prefers. However, it is equally enjoyable to meet ladies from many different backgrounds, to learn about them and to gain a wealth of experience.

Given the diversity of London, it only stands to reason there will be escorts from all over the world

Generally, it is a pretty safe and tolerant city in which to work and the diversity adds to the fun of it, both as an inhabitant and as a punter.

Written by Punter & Guest Author for Geisha Diaries, Capital Punter