Recently, when discussing a few issues related to my last Geisha Diaries article, “Escort Hobbyist Relationships“, several intriguing questions were raised. They were evocative questions which really challenged me, particularly, as a punter, why I conduct myself in the manner in which I do. Written by Capital Punter

It was suggested that I explore these issues and questions in a follow up post, which I am only too happy to do here. I hope they will shed light into the preferences and practices of this particular English punter.

At the outset I wish to state, despite the inquisitive mind of the person who raised these questions, that I have absolutely no problem addressing such fundamental yet challenging and personal issues. As the old saying goes, “if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything!”. Therefore, to take a step back and reappraise my own values once in a while is not such a bad thing!

“You described in emotionally intimate detail the nature of your companion relationships in such a way that is strikingly similar to conventional dating relationships. While there are many companions who do share special relationships with their clients, most of those relationships are limited in many facets and ultimately end. So, with all due respect, I was quietly asking myself, why does this man choose companionship?”

 Some months ago, I took a generic look at this same issue on my own blog in an article entitled, “Why punt, why not date?”. In this article, I considered many of the reasons why some may choose to punt, a few of which related directly to me. I also explored some of the alternatives to punting and to the conventional dating relationships.

In short, it is as simple as a lifestyle choice. Like so many, I have very demanding work and personal schedules and cannot always commit the time I would like not only to a personal relationship but also to a social life where I may form such attachments.

The reason I choose companions who provide closer, more intimate experiences is because I find the purported “girlfriend experience” to sometimes be cold and sterile

Seems that you choose to include or even require many of the intricacies in companionship that are reminiscent of conventional relationships which are the very characteristics that many hobbyists look to avoid.”

This is very true! I do admit that I seek a deeper level of companionship and intimacy that many punters may not. However, we are all different. I prefer an all-round, natural relationship that is conducted on a professional basis, with no strings attached. Such an understanding keeps both parties clear of where we stand and what we seek from the relationship.

I am under no illusion that these assertive criteria by which I search for ideal companions have made me much more discerning about my choices. This probably accounts for why I have experienced so many challenges.

The fact that I use the plural “companions” further illustrates my lifestyle preference as I enjoy engaging the company of a variety of ladies, albeit a fairly small group

For me it is all about having great experiences without any issues. This causes me to be very selective. I will only see ladies with whom I share the same aspirations, outlook, desires and who enjoy operating the way I prefer to do so.

Why not put forth the same effort in a conventional relationship? Does paid companionship yield a convenient sense of control, a sense of empowerment?”
This was a very challenging question for me. Although I am very clear about my feelings, it did cause me to explore my motives on a deeper level in an effort to be perfectly clear in my own mind.

The first part is simple. As I talked about earlier, dating companions is a lifestyle choice. Whether others disagree is a moral argument to be addressed in another post. However, I only act in a responsible, dignified and deferential manner, so I feel that I have far higher morals than some would expect.

I definitely do not punt for any form of control or empowerment

Indeed, my main requirement of a successful meeting with a companion is that she enjoys the date at least as much, if not more than I do. More often than not, I like my companion to choose where and when we meet and what we do on the date. I do not request particular attire or services and I prefer that the lady set the pace. Now that does not sound like control or empowerment to me, does it to you?

The companions I know well enjoy this closeness as much as I do

I do not coerce anyone into any particular behavior or activity. If they enjoy the intimacy and connection that I enjoy then that is fine. If not, I do not push it. But I do tend to see those companions who share my outlook. I have met several ladies who say they do enjoy this unique type of companionship.

I do not know if my views or modus operandi sound eccentric or immoral to other hobbyists, companions or folks outside of the escort – hobby world. However, as I talked about at the start, we are all different and seek different things. I do know that companions will have their “favorite” clients with whom they share a close affinity.

As long as we all engage in a safe, healthy and mutually respectful manner, I believe we can learn about ourselves and discover those special companions and create priceless memories.

Written by Geisha Diaries Guest Author and Punter, Capital Punter