Companions, the new Twitter has arrived! In April of this year, Twitter changed its web profile experience applicable to users all over the world

We are talking radical changes! As a companion, maintaining your social presence on Twitter is an opportunity to showcase your profession all over the globe with a power-packed first impression. What better place to do it than on Twitter, one of the internet’s last uncensored forms of social media? The results? More clients. It is well known that hobbyists frequent Twitter. With Twitter’s new changes, your presence, photos and buttons are given more importance than ever.

Twitter design to leave viewers speechless

Are you communicating your videos and images?

What are you tweeting about? One of the best ways to get noticed and gain followers is to Tweet your videos and images. As we all know, folks are visual. You probably paid top dollar for your video. Show it to the world! Tweets with pictures and video tend to receive 40% greater response than those Tweets with plain content.

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