When we practice safety in the world of adult entertainment, we direct our guard primarily to the act of intimacy itself. However, there are many other safety factors taken for granted or not even considered at all if and until it is too late and tragedy strikes or worse, death or imprisonment.

Even a five-star provider with a lovely reputation who takes the time to screen her clients is at risk of watching her entire life slip through her fingers in an instance of unforseen fate. This article is a non-fictional account of a life and death situation between an independent escort and a hobbyist that will serve to enlighten the reader. 

Is a companion capable of gaging a client’s physical health?

An escort is found dead in a hotel room. Equally shocking but with devastating legal ramifications she is alive and her client is dead. How is a companion to determine if her client is fit for intimacy? If not, how does she finesse her way out of the date when in the presence of her client? 

As entertainers, we must consider every facet of our profession if we are to remain safe and successful. The world is a dangerous place, full of crooks, cons, pimps, manipulators and predators. There are those with total disregard for companions and would think nothing of hurting them. 

I am a registered nurse, highly trained yoga therapist and professional provider of sensual massage

My skill set serves as a powerful resource that allows me to assess my clients through trained eyes

Many seek my company specifically because of my talents. Accordingly, I am able to fully assess my client’s health and emotional states ten minutes into an appointment. This physiological reading allows me to provide a profoundly personalized service. Mind you, this ‘analysis’ is not something that I do intentionally but rather automatically as the result of a gifted intuition. I am keenly compassionate and feel the pain and suffering of others. Metaphorically, I am the soothing equivalent of a warm blanket and soft pillow for my clients. 

Recently, a long-time client paid a visit. Let us refer to him as “Bill”. Bill has seen me every month for well over a year. He is in his fifties and as a diabetic is dependent upon insulin. Our sessions never run longer than ninety minutes because he begins to shake and requires food and insulin injections. I monitor him closely and know exactly when it is time to end our session. I always have fresh fruit juice and nutritious foods waiting for him. 

This session was different. Half way through a magnificent bout of intimacy, things went south. After hand feeding him I hopped into the shower. Upon my return, I found him lying in the same position. Within minutes he became unconscious and lapsed into a full diabetic coma! 

The situation that I faced is every escort’s nightmare

A dead client in my bed: are you freaking kidding me??? Stunned and shocked, how exactly was I to proceed from there? I shifted gears from shaking, frantic lady to composed, hold-it-together nurse. Calling 911 was mandatory. There was no other option if this man was to survive. In an instant, I cleaned up the situation by disposing of any toys. I viewed his phone only to find my last email open. I didn’t know how to use that damned phone – how to delete the email? Oh hell, forget that – phone went into the drawer. This kept hitting me over the head: I’m a provider and I’m calling WHO? Like it or not I had to swallow that notion because otherwise he would surely die. And holy mother of God, he’s naked! Thank you, Lord for my nursing skills. On went his clothing and beneath the sheets he was tucked. I felt the presence of a guardian angel sitting on my shoulder giving me strength to confront head on those life threatening moments. 

At that point his lips and toes nails had turned blue. CODE BLUE!

Is there a doctor in the house? Nurse Bendy kicked in on all cylinders. With 911 on the phone mouth-to-mouth recusciitation began. Through the entire ordeal I held his face and talked to him but otherwise he was completely helpless. In that moment and time he had only me and I could not fail him. I cared for this human being whose life was in my hands. 

In rushed the paramedics as my panic hit red alert. Questions fly through my brain. I was not prepared for this and I am no fool. I knew they were watching my reactions. So uh, apparently we were at a nearby beach and came to my house and this happened. Wait, who said that? Apparently me in a moment of desperation.

Six paramedics and firemen stormed into my home and before I knew it their equipment had filled every corner of my space

There I am, hair wet, wearing nothing but a little sundress and this man is in my bed with nothing on but a pair of boxers. I really didn’t think they would believe anything I said. But he was alive. After what seemed like hours, they revived him. 

I looked right into his face so that he knew where he was. They began asking him questions and of course his replies did not conform with my story. Great. I will just hang out in the kitchen. After feeding him, his sugar rose from dangerously low levels to acceptable levels. After the paramedics left, I drove Bill home, first stopping to purchase a real meal for him. 

Safety has a far deeper meaning than safe sex 

As providers of an erotic hobby we need to be properly equipped for any emergency. I saw my life flash before my eyes and all that I had worked for gone! Had I given in to that fear the mess would have been completely unmanageable and my life would have never been the same. A heart attack, a stroke or a seizure, anything can go wrong! 

Are you praciticing safety or will you wind up naked and dead in your car parked in some random alley?

I have not practiced nursing for quite some time and this life lesson was the greatest test of my skills. Do I wish it had just been a drill? Absolutely! I am quite thankful that I survive that lesson. I am sure there will always be lessons, unannounced. I prayed to the great goddess that she prepare and protect me. 

This man had a responsibility to me as well

Well aware of his critical health condition, he came to me without having eaten properly all day. The next morning, I drove to his home to check on him. I asked what he ate for breakfast. He replied, “Coffee and a banana”. Despite that I saved this man’s life, he still was not eating correctly! This man placed my livelihood at great risk with total disregard for my well being. I was paid for a ninety minute engagement that took well over four hours. I had to drive him home and stop along the way buy food for him. The next morning I had to pick him up to come back and get his car. That ordeal took over 2 hours of my morning as he loitered and I had to ask him to leave. Where was the client responsibility in the situation? He offered me money which just seemed lame. He was not smart enough to eat correctly but he would pay me to save his life? 

I looked into the face of a dying man and had to get my shit together immediately

I am still in shock that I pulled it off. Had this man died, I could have been accused as an accessory to murder underscored by the fact that I am a provider and received a life sentence.