It is now October 2011, Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I have been here in Atlanta by Eric’s side caring for Irina for more than a year

In my previous military career I became very close with a fellow Special Operations Officer named Eric. He became the brother I never had. We worked a two-man team in the back alleys of Baghdad and Kabul gathering intelligence for NATO operations. I spoke the language and did the talking. His job was to watch my back in the presence of menacing people which he did with expert skill since I am alive and well to write this story.

Upon leaving the service we took different paths. I became a male companion which he knew about and supported

He went into the business world as an IT professional and built a life with his wonderful wife Irina whom I regard as a sister.

He revealed that his wife Irina’s cancer which had been in remission had returned with a vengeance

During one of our weekend phone talks in October 2010, Eric called while I was working in Dallas, Texas. His voice was thick with anguish and he began to weep. Alarmed, I demanded that he tell me what was the matter and how I could help. I knew of her cancer and was devastated to hear of its recurrence.

Eric’s job demands grueling travel, five days per week. That strain compounded by Irina’s need for round-the-clock care was driving him toward a heart attack. I cut him off mid-sentence and said “I am on my way. I’ll be there in one week”. I closed my apartment, gave away my furniture and drove to their home in Atlanta.

I knew the whole story of how Eric and Irina met, fell in love and married

Eric is of Russian descent and during a leave period from our stressful military assignments he went to Moscow to see the city of his late grandparents who raised him. Like any man might, he sought the caress of a woman while in Moscow and in the bar of his hotel met Irina working as an escort.

In previous years Irina had been one of Moscow’s top escorts

She led an elite lifestyle, wearing designer gowns courted by wealthy Russian and European men from upper echelons of society who would jet her to meet them in exotic locations all over the world. With her light, blond hair, striking Slavic features, confident manner and delicious figure she turned the heads of passers by as she displayed the sexiest of attire. Unfortunately, at the height of her escort career, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and fell increasingly ill, losing grip of appointments and appearance. Her assets dwindled and soon she was forced to turn to an unsavory escort service. The service worked her mercilessly, draining most of her fees. They eroded her self-esteem, conditioning her that as an afflicted whore, she was fortunate that they had hired her.

Irina’s once stunning appearance had been eaten away by the cancer and she was now reduced to performing sordid acts for mere pittance

The miracle of Eric and Irina’s meeting gave birth to a beautiful love affair of passion and deep commitment. By then, Irina had undergone a double-mastectomy and was confined to enticing clients to oral sex only, desperately hoping that her condition would not be discovered. However, on the evening that they met she looked into Eric’s eyes and compassionate, loving heart and told him about her heartbreaking tragedy. It did not matter to him the least bit as Eric displayed the mark of a real man. They became one. Later, they migrated to Germany where they were married. I carried the honor of being Eric’s best man at their small and intimate wedding. Afterward, they moved to the States.

It is now October 2011, Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I have been here in Atlanta by Eric’s side caring for Irina for more than a year

While Eric is away during the week, I take her to all doctor appointments, prepare her medically mandated diet and hold her after her chemotherapy sessions with the resulting bouts of nausea and migraine headaches. I schedule all my escort and companion appointments around her needs and awake two to three times per night to check and monitor her condition. Each time I take her to the doctor, she tells the entire staff that she is so fortunate to have two husbands. This always raises brows but I just love to hear her giggle about it like a little girl.

Ironically, just as I complete writing this story, Eric called to happily announce that his transfer to Atlanta was finally approved and he will be able to work locally and be with his beloved Irina each night. After that I will be moving on and if you asked me if I would do it all again? The answer is an unequivocal yes.

Written by Vincent William, Geisha Diaries Guest Author & Ladie’s Companion