Mistress C

Lady of the Court of the Femdomme Society



Born first child to a matriarch certainly lent its hand in Mistress C’s life experiences as a Dominatrix. She is often described as naturally dominant, highly energetic, fiercely intense and passionately focused. Her mentors governed with strict convictions. Accepting her natural place in life, as head of the family was the only option. After a series of mistakes along with a grossly failed marriage, she finally embraced her true self which she found irresistible. By diffusing the myths of conformity and submission that society places on women, Mistress C emerged as a believer of female supremacy from a loving disposition. She believes that relations led by women can deliver the world to a more balanced and cooperative place.


Geisha Diaries Guest Author & Dominatrix, Mistress C

 Erotica Domme