“Witch, dyke, whore, bitch, mother, sister, daughter and friend with a vagina who may or may not choose to sell it, lend it, lease it or give it away as after all, it is ours, isn’t it? Then why am I still made to feel that I only possess it for the pleasure and profit of others?” Ms. Grey

I have been in this industry for six years and my learning curve has been steep and quick. I went from an independent Dominatrix to one who owned a small dungeon with many women working for me. From there I guess you could say I became a Madame (had I been born a man the term ‘entrepreneur’ would not be held in question), then Tantra Priestess and Temple leader. Not only have I learned much about human nature, men, women, the industry and myself, I have become a sort of arm chair lawyer as well. I needed to learn the laws by which I dodged and what better way than by observing the follies of others? So far I have crept stealthily through this minefield of misspeak and ossification because I am keenly aware that I am prey. Prey to the hypocrisy of men and women alike, prey to the willful ignorance of humans who remain blind to the troubles of a failing nation.

Women as usual, are silently paying the price

By now I am sure you have realized that America plays a rigged game. Men, global elitists, greedy sods, whatever you want to call them have royally fucked up a good thing. Witch, dyke, whore, bitch, mother, sister, daughter and friend with a vagina who may or may not choose to sell it, lend it, lease it or give it away as after all, it is ours, isn’t it? Then why am I still made to feel that I only possess it for the pleasure and profit of others? If we don’t have full legal rights to our own body to use it as we see fit, why are we not fighting this? We won’t be pretty forever and when it ends as all good things do, where is your place in the world, the world we help create by our passivity? Our benign indifference and self denial is criminal when we witness others who fall around us like the rabbits in Watership Down. Many of us in fact are criminals. At least in the invasive and pitiless gaze of the omnipotent colossus thing we allowed to come into being called, our government. Sometimes ignoring pressing matters into non existence simply does not work. I used to be able to do it with prescription drugs when I could afford benefits.

I have become increasingly outraged regarding the controlling behavior of our government regarding women’s sexuality

If I am not mistaken I sense a sea change when it comes to the new breed of women who either choose or who are forced to choose for the time being, to work in this industry. They have achieved higher education, are more articulate and possess more progressive marketing skills. Some are true entrepreneurs with a raw sense of grit, such as Dr Brooke Magnanti, Sydney Biddle Barrows, Heidi Fleiss and Deborah Jeane Palfrey -who everyone knows were murdered by our government to protect clients. I admire them greatly.

Many of these women and others who go unnamed, are instrumental in slowly changing the perceptions of society regarding being a paid companion. In the tradition of all great courtesans, they both reflect and encourage their current times. The greats are always misunderstood, coveted, desired and hunted. And so it still is today. I put the presently tormented Tracy Elise of The Phoenix Goddess Temple by our ever creepier misogynist government in a different category altogether. However her plight is the same. Go to the Phoenix Goddess Temple to read about this perfect outrage. To take action is your own choice of course.

I applaud Geisha Affair’s efforts to create something new

And this venture is new. In order to create the myth, we need a united front and it starts with women’s willingness to be part of a new solution. If we truly want to reap the benefits of a feminist, provocative and lucrative site for women I think we should try and suspend our cynicism and wait out the growing pains. If we all loath review boards and so on, here is a perfect opportunity to create the reality we want.

I see absolutely nothing wrong with Geisha Affair wanting to prosper from all their hard work. Why is this something that should be resented? They are women just like us who wish to have some financial security. I would much prefer to pay them versus these male owned, smug pimps who make more money off of us than we do ourselves. I think it should be a challenge to usurp these bloated and ineffectual dinosaurs. I realize that Geisha Affair is in its infancy and I for one am willing to invest in it as I am curious and hopeful about the outcome.

Attracting the clients is a doubled edged sword because it means we need to pander to their egos and that could lead to a dilution of our original intent. I guess you could do as some have suggested which is for Geisha Affair to send out private invites to male posters to attract them here. My concern is it will foster the same environment like those that I have witnessed in the past on other familiar websites, an incestuous, competitive group who cannibalize one another until all are disgusted or bored and they disband.

In any event, for now I am a believer and I believe that I am betting on a potentially successful venture.

Written by Ms. Grey, Tantra Goddess and Guest Author for Geisha Diaries