We’ve all heard of Heidi Klum, the German born supermodel who falls a millisecond short of perfection. Recently, she posed in a dress made of golden hangars for Project Runway 2014. She was nervous. However, she made the headlines of Yahoo news, US Magazine and more. Did she stand out? You betcha!

Companions who think a little differently are the same ones that some colleagues criticize. Recently, I spoke to a very kind, compassionate and successful courtesan whom I have known for years. She has been in her profession for quite some time, owns a home and maintains another career in a metropolitan city saturated with competition. She has been a regular blogger for a good part of her tenure. Feeling the sting from peer pressure attacking the ‘quality’ of her blogging pinched her creative efforts. A few weeks later, a client commented that he missed reading her posts. Conflicted, his comment left her in a quandary.

Folks, there are two ways to blog: rarely and frequently

Whether you pay a professional blogger to write in your voice with content that contains all the proper social media bells and whistles or just write about what you had for breakfast that morning makes little difference without consistency. In the adult industry, clients are interested in your time and intimacy. They want a little window into your personal world (as personal as you allow your blogging to become), a sort of voyeuristic urge that deepens their connection to you. Couple this ‘layman’s’ approach with cultivating a following and you, Miss Courtesan, have yourself a winner in the toolbox of branding goodies.

Blogging aside, what is the message to be learned? In any career genre, dancing to the beat of your own drum will yield criticism. It comes with the territory. Succumb to it and the winner in you looses. Consider the extreme wealth and controversial woes of Donald Trump (who, BTW, is an avid Tweeter) who has filed corporate bankruptcy at least four times yet his success and notoriety continue to shine.

Amplify the little voice in your stomach that begs for the best and go for it!

Give yourself credit where credit is due. Stand strong and become all that you can be. If that means doing things a little differently, well, accept the fact that success is just a little different than the norm.