Is Your Twitter Page Obsolete?

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Companions, the new Twitter has arrived! In April of this year, Twitter changed its web profile experience applicable to users all over the world We are talking radical changes! As a companion, maintaining your social presence on Twitter is an opportunity to showcase your profession all over the globe with a power-packed first impression. What [...]

Budgets, Behaviors & Investments for Escorts

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Lesson for Companions, a Series: Whether you make a little or a lot, budget is a key factor in personal economics. At any given point, everyone thinks in terms of budget and adult entertainers are no exception As a companion, you have a considerable amount of expenses to maintain on a regular basis if you [...]

Lorena de Leon

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"I am incredibly comfortable with my sexuality between men and women" I’ve heard that you don’t find passion but that passion finds you and that is so true! Years ago, I wanted to get out of corporate America and do something more exciting and more lucrative. A dear friend who was a provider in Las [...]

TS Rachel Smithe

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So much has changed in my life since I first wrote for Geisha Diaries back in 2011. New doors have opened and exciting discoveries have graced my life about which I am very excited I am a Domina and courtesan who never stops learning and growing on a spiritual level because that’s what life is [...]

How Google Search Impacts Your Escort Business

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This article needs to be updated This article is the first in a series that explores the best practices and options of online marketing for escorts, companions and courtesans. We will demystify such areas as Google, search engine optimization (SEO), search keywords, video marketing, blog posting and online reviews. We welcome our readers to suggest [...]

How to Make Video Impact Your Business

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A professional video, much like professional photos, enhances your brand and adds flavor and class to your persona In the business of adult entertainment, how you project your image is everything. Video content is created not to sell directly, but to engage intimately. The days of direct in-your-face marketing are dwindling and the era of [...]